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Set Your Skin Care Routine up for Success

When it comes to skin care, serums and moisturizers tend to get most of the attention. Although these products may be responsible for much of the “heavy lifting” that helps improve the health and appearance of the skin, starting your skin care routine off on the right foot can help enhance the effectiveness of every product that follows. That’s why cleansers and toners shouldn’t be thought of as an add-on or overlooked.

Every routine should be a comprehensive approach to maintaining and improving skin health, and each product makes a difference along the way. When considering a cleanser, it should, of course, effectively remove dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil and makeup. Look for a brand that includes options for all skin types as well as different skin concerns. Brands like SkinCeuticals have cleansers that span the spectrum of benefits, from soothing and replenishing to clarifying, exfoliating and purifying the skin; they pretty much have a gel-, cream– or foam-based cleanser for everyone. Most skin types can benefit from more than one cleansing option whether using different formulas in the morning and evening, or to address changing skin needs from day to day or season to season.

Think of toner as your cleanser’s trusty sidekick. Not only do these specially-formulated solutions ensure the skin is free of lingering dirt, oil, makeup and debris after cleansing, toners can provide meaningful benefits on their own. Whether you’re concerned about breakouts, excess oil, rough skin texture or sensitivity, toners can provide much-needed soothing, extra exfoliation and target the appearance of enlarged pores—all while balancing skin pH and optimizing the absorption of serums and other targeted treatments that follow.

If you have normal and oily skin, with concerns about aging or discoloration: Conditioning Toner features a gentle blend of exfoliating acids that soften and refresh the skin while refining surface texture and minimizing the look of pores.

For oily, combination and acne-prone skin concerned about aging: LHA Toner contains a triple exfoliating blend of glycolic, salicylic and lipo-hydroxy acids to keep pores clear and refine skin texture.

For normal, dry, combination and sensitive skin concerned about dehydration, discoloration or aging: Alcohol-free and formulated with gentle exfoliating acids and soothing botanicals, Equalizing Toner helps refresh and smooth skin texture while eliminating lingering residue.

Masks are often reserved for DIY spa nights, but they can actually play an important role in
preparing the skin for other treatment products as well. Whether used in the morning or evening after cleansing, try the Hydrating B5 Masque for a surge of moisture, Clarifying Clay Masque for pore purification, Phyto Corrective Masque for visible redness reduction and Biocellulose Restorative Masque for serious soothing—and they all help prime the skin for the remainder of your skin care routine.

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