How to Air-Dry Your Hair the Right Way + Must-Have Products

BY Ariel Kozicki · October 6, 2017

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If you’re trying to avoid heat styling on damaged hair or just don’t have the time, air drying your hair may be a go-to option. However, as easy as it may be, air-drying may not always lead to the look you’re aiming for. Sometimes frizz, lack of definition or uneven waves may spoil your do without the right products. Whether you’re looking for voluminous waves, smooth and straight locks or beachy tresses, we’ve got you covered with the best way to air-dry your hair. Find the ultimate tips and products here for air-drying hair, even if you’re feeling like taking the easy way out. We synced up with stylist and hair goddess Dana Larsen from Salon Lucid for tips on air-drying with style.

5 Pro Tips for Drying & Styling 

1. Don’t leave your hair product-free if you plan on air-drying. If you’re aiming for a great hair day, you’ll need products that smooth, polish and accentuate your hair’s natural qualities.

2. The right brush or comb is essential. Be careful not to yank brushes through wet tangles, as this may lead to breakage and split ends.

3. Go with the flow and allow your natural wave to shine. If your hair is naturally loose with curly curves and bends, don’t try to fight it and straighten it out with a brush. Let your natural waves come out.

4. Avoid over-towel-drying or over-brushing your hair. Larsen said the way to do it best is to “spray in your favorite leave-in conditioner or product and comb through starting from the ends working your way up (if you hit a tangle start below it and continue to gently flex through your hair to remove said tangle and keep going). Once hair is easy to comb through and tangles are out, use the towel one more time before proceeding to apply air-dry cream.”

5. If you do decide to go with heat-styling over air-drying, Larsen says, “Turn the heat down! Hot tip: Most girls who are regularly heat-styling crank their irons as high up as they go, but this can speed up dry, damaged split ends. Turn it down, and your hair will thank you!”

Our Go-To Tools for Air-Drying Hair

1. EVOLVh - SuperFinish Polishing Balm

For those of us who are prone to frizz, this is an essential everyday product. With a lightweight hold, soy lipids and jojoba oil, this balm is sure to kick-start your shine. Using this product and skipping the blow dryer may even help to “cut your morning routine in half,” Larsen notes.

2. Rene Furterer - Control Emulsion

Ideal for waves and curls, vitamin and plant derivatives like panthenol and cakile extract strengthen and nourish your hair, bringing frizz-free shine to your mane. Perfect for curly hair to address any potential frizz issues!

Larsen says, “When applying, put a nickel-sized amount on the palms and rub onto your fingers with the majority of the product in your palm. Run fingers through hair, and once there is no more product on your fingers repeat until all product is evenly distributed through hair.”

3. The Wet Brush - Pink Detangling Shower Brush

One of the most essential brushes for detangling wet or dry hair! A go-to that every gal needs in her gym bag. An inexpensive crowd-favorite, The Wet Brush is great as a gift or for yourself. Strong and flexible, this brush detangles without tugging or splitting ends. Larsen warns that “wet brushing can harm, stretch out and eventually cause the hair to break if not done properly,” so it’s essential that this is “done delicately, working your way up from the ends.”

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