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7 Best Under-Eye Concealers for Dark Circles

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Dark circles are the ultimate beauty woe. Often associated with lack of sleep, this pesky under-eye concern is also one of the hardest to conceal.

“The skin under your eyes is very delicate and thin, making it more prone to sagging, wrinkles and especially dark circles, so it takes a little more effort to cover up any imperfections [in this area],” explains celebrity makeup artist, Michanna Murphy. “Dark circles can be tricky to conceal because they are mostly caused by broken blood vessels under the skin that make the area appear blue, purple or green,” she adds.

Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing causing those pesky dark bags under your eyes—genetics can play a role, too. “Dark circles under the eyes are hereditary,” says New York–based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman. And “if you have fair skin, dark circles will be more noticeable,” she adds.

Since the skin under our eyes typically strays from the usual pink or yellow undertone that the rest of the complexion radiates, “using just foundation without concealer won’t always cut it,” notes Murphy. “The key is to use two different products: a colored concealer to adjust the undertone or to color-correct blue, purple or green hues left by dark circles; and a flesh-colored concealer to brighten the area and make your under eyes look even in color,” she adds.

How to Choose the Right Concealer

“When selecting a color corrector, it is best to determine the undertone of the dark circles and also to use good old-fashioned color theory,” Murphy notes. “For example, if your under-eye circles look blue, grab a color corrector with a peach hue if you have a fair skin tone and a color corrector in a deep orange if you have a deeper skin tone. Orange is complementary to blue on the color wheel, so using an orange or peach-colored corrector will completely cancel out the bluish color of the dark circle,” she adds.

Here are more tips on finding the best concealer for dark circles.

1. Not more than two shades lighter 

“When looking for a dark-circle concealer, you want to make sure it is either the same color of your skin or one to two shades lighter, depending on how bright you want your under eyes to look,” Murphy explains.

2. Reach for liquid or creamy concealers

According to Murphy, liquid or creamy concealers are the best formula for concealing dark circles. “Liquid formulas serve as a moisturizer to skin and settle in nicely onto the delicate area under the eyes,” she notes.

3. The more pigment, the better

In addition to liquid, Murphy recommends finding an ultra-pigmented product, “as it covers up dark circles easier without having to use too much product.” On top of that, “it blends well with setting powder, too” she says.

4. Avoid concealers that have blemish-fighting ingredients

Another important thing to consider? The formula’s weight and ingredients. “Do not use concealers that are too thick or contain ingredients that target blemishes under the eye area,” says Murphy. “The skin under the eye is the thinnest on the face, making it super sensitive to ingredients like salicylic acid and heavy concealers take too long to dry and blend out,” she explains.

5. Look for concealers that also feature hydrating and anti-aging ingredients

According to Murphy, it helps to use an eye cream with hyaluronic acid before applying your concealer, as applying on dry skin can make your skin look cakey. “Plus, adding an eye cream prior to concealer application allows it to work overtime to help subside any wrinkles or fine lines under the eyes,” she adds.

Even better? Some concealers have built-in moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients in their formulas that offer long-term skin-brightening results.

Best Concealers for Dark Circles 

While there are amazing under-eye concealers out there that offer superb coverage, the ones we like offer skin care benefits as well. Here are our favorites:

  1. 1. Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector
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    1. Tarte Cosmetics Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector

    Made specifically with dark circles in mind, this clay-based concealer uses three shades of clays—rose, yellow and purple—to color-correct and conceal at the same time. The compact formula also features skin-benefiting ingredients like caffeine, squalane and licorice extract to reduce puffiness, moisturize and brighten.

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  2. 2. jane iredale Circle Delete Concealer
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    2. jane iredale Circle Delete Concealer

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  3. 3. Dermablend Quick-Fix Full Coverage Concealer
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    3. Dermablend Quick-Fix Full Coverage Concealer

    Dermablend specifically targets its makeup formulas for pesky skin care woes—and this stick concealer is no exception. Made with long-lasting hydration in mind, the full-coverage concealer glides on the skin for quick and easy application.

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    4. RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up

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  5. 5. Stila Cosmetics Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette
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    5. Stila Cosmetics Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette

    Consider this the ultimate color-correcting tool. Complete with four color-correcting formulas and three skin tone shades, this makeup palette can help you target undertones and create a brighter-looking under-eye area.

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  6. 6. BECCA Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector
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    6. BECCA Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector

    Illuminate your eyes with the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, a light-reflecting eye cream that gives an instantly wide-awake look.Melting effortlessly into skin, the colour corrector minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, firmer effect. Backlight technology creates a perfectly even skin tone that provides the perfect base for concealer application. The eye contour is instantly brightened, lifted and made visibly younger-looking.Free from parabens, sulphates and
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  7. 7. Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer
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    7. Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer

    A liquid concealer is one of the best formulas to use for hiding dark circles. And this one comes in an array of shades so everyone can experience its magic. Made with hyaluronic acid and resveratrol for added anti-aging skin benefits, the lightweight concealer offers full coverage and a soft matte finish.

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