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Coconut Oil Reviews: Dermstore Shoppers’ Favorite Products

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As far as taste preferences are concerned, the coconut has always been a polarizing fruit. You either love it or hate it. However, all that has changed in recent years. No longer just a staple in tropical drinks and chocolate bars, the coconut has been getting the credit it deserves (even among the piña colada-hating crowd). That’s because coconut products (cream, oil, milk and water) have exploded on the health and beauty scenes. When ingested or used on skin or hair, coconut oil can help you glow inside and out. Its naturally moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it quite the wonder product (causing about a 30% increase in the total world supply of coconut oil from 2008 to 2015).

Dermstore shoppers are no strangers to the beauty benefits of this tropical fruit—as illustrated by the words of praise in their reviews. Check out which coconut oil skin care products are hailed as miracle workers (OK, maybe not actual miracles—but pretty darn close) below.

  1. 1. RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream
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    1. RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream

    Why It’s Great: It’s made up of 100% raw, naturally harvested coconut cream and can be used to remove even waterproof mascara. That pure coconut oil can help protect your skin against aging by neutralizing harmful free radicals.
    Reviews Say: “I absolutely love this coconut oil. It is so much creamier than other coconut oils I have bought, and it melts almost immediately. It leaves my skin so smooth!”

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  2. 2. Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme

    Why It’s Great: It has omega fatty acids to restore softness and smooth out any calluses. Plus, it’s made up of tons of great natural ingredients to soothe and protect (including olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and other antioxidants).
    Reviews Say: “I’ve tried many foot cremes, but this one is the absolute best. My feet feel fresh all day.”

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  3. 3. LaLicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub - Sugar Coconut

    Why It’s Great: It uses pure cane sugar crystals and coconut cream to exfoliate dead skin cells—making it a great pre-shave treatment. The scrub also has almond and vitamin E oils to moisturize and condition for extra-smooth skin.
    Reviews Say: “I use this product (down to the very last drop) every other day and I love the results! I’ve had people compliment me on my skin, noticing how soft to the touch it is.”

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  4. 4. Mama Mio The Tummy Rub™ Oil
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    4. Mama Mio The Tummy Rub™ Oil

    Why It’s Great: Made with both coconut oil and olive oil, it can help prevent stretch marks and give your skin a nice, healthy glow. Plus—it does all of this without leaving behind any greasy residue.
    Reviews Say: “The smell is wonderful (as opposed to all the other belly-rubs that I tried). It keeps my skin perfectly hydrated without the itching that some women get.”

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  5. 5. California Baby Calming Cream

    Why It’s Great: It’s vegan, paraben free and certified cruelty free—making it a safe choice for babies, kids and adults with sensitive skin. Using coconut oil, French lavender and other natural ingredients, it can help reduce discomfort and soothe dry, rough skin.
    Reviews Say: “This lotion has a fantastic aroma, very soothing, I use it to massage my kids after their bath and end up using it on myself too. Would highly recommend.”

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  6. 6. suki Renew Ultra-Protect Eye Balm

    Why It’s Great: This eye balm is nutrient rich (thanks to coconut oil and organic carrot and rosehip oils), giving your body what it needs to fight the signs of aging and make you look refreshed. Best of all? It works its magic while you’re sleeping. 
    Reviews Say: “I love it! I get eczema on my lids when I use eyeshadow and this balm keeps my eyes moist and smooth without the sting of most eye creams and treatments.”

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  7. 7. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish
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    7. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish

    Why It’s Great: This natural body scrub uses the gentle power of coconut oil and Moroccan rose to moisturize and exfoliate. Plus, it delivers proteins to your skin to help replace damaged cells to make your skin look and feel rejuvenated.
    Reviews Say: “So incredibly moisturizing and gentle but also very effective for getting rid of flakes. And has a lovely, gentle scent.”

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  8. 8. VMV Hypoallergenics Superskin Moisture Rich Mild-Mannered Cleansing Scrub for Dry Skin
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    8. VMV Hypoallergenics Superskin Moisture Rich Mild-Mannered Cleansing Scrub for Dry Skin

    Why It’s Great: Made from natural ingredients, this cleansing scrub is a great choice for anyone with acne-prone, dry or sensitive skin. It’s designed to exfoliate, smooth, condition and soothe your skin—all without causing irritation.
    Reviews Say: “Your face feels great after use. I have extremely sensitive skin and a fragrance allergy, so this product has been a great buy for me.”

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  9. 9. Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint

    Why It’s Great: This lip balm uses a blend of antioxidant-rich cocoa seed butter, avocado oil and coconut oil to protect and improve your pout. It comes in a handful of pretty shades, delivering a subtle tint as it nourishes. (Psst! It’s also inexpensive—so no need to feel guilty about reapplying!)
    Reviews Say: “It outperforms other high end brand balms and lip glosses that cost double or triple the price of Pacifica, and I love that Pacifica is a natural brand!”

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  10. 10. One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm
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    10. One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm

    Why It’s Great: This multifunctional balm has the power to remove dirt and makeup without robbing your skin of its moisture. It’s powered by deeply cleansing, antioxidant-rich and plant-based oils like organic coconut oil and jojoba oil to help rejuvenate your skin.
    Reviews Say: “First of all, I love how this balm smells! I use the vitamin E eye balm and the microderma scrub as well and these products have absolutely improved my skin.”

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