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How to Use Color-Correcting Makeup Like a Pro

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Want to know the secret to faking perfect skin? Color correction. A makeup technique used by celebrity makeup artists and YouTube vloggers alike, color correcting can help hide imperfections and make for a more flawless makeup application. Curious to know more? We share the ultimate guide to color correction, ahead.

What Is Color Correction?

Whether it’s dark circles, a pesky blemish or yellow undertones, covering up skin imperfections with concealer alone can be quite challenging. That’s where color correction comes in. This technique utilizes colored creams, concealers, primers and powders that cancel out redness, sallowness and under-eye bags on all skin tones. Think of it as Photoshop for your face: color correction works to perfect the skin’s tone and leave you with a more flawless-looking complexion.

How to Incorporate Color Correction Into Your Makeup Routine

Using color correction in your makeup routine is actually quite simple. The key? Ensuring that the color corrector dries before applying the rest of your makeup. According to celebrity makeup artist, Mickey Williams, “If using a lightweight veil or cream, it’s important to layer it on with a synthetic brush or evenly with your fingertip.” Also, “Your coverup should be slightly more opaque and layered on top, not blended into the color corrector,” he explains.

With that in mind, take a look at which colors do what:

  1. Pink
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    Pink hues can be used to brighten the eye area and hide dark circles on fair skin tones. They can also be used to highlight and create a lifted effect on the face.
    Try: Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector – Light to Medium
    Why We Love It: What’s better than a color corrector that gives you glowing skin? A color corrector that’s good for your skin, too! Enriched with light-diffusing pigments, this cream concealer camouflages dark circles while boosting collagen and fighting free-radical damage with vitamins C and E for a brighter, well-rested under-eye area.

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  2. Peach
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    For pesky blue-hued dark circles, reach for a color corrector in peach. In addition, peach can also hide dark spots, veins and signs of discoloration on deeper skin tones.
    Try: Stila Cosmetics Correct & Perfect All-in-One Color Correcting Palette
    Why We Love It: Can’t find the right peach shade for you? This color-correcting palette features five velvety-smooth cream color correctors (plus two tinted setting powders) to help neutralize imperfections and brighten dull skin tones. Use each shade separately or mix together to find the right shade for you.

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  3. Green

    Have a pesky red pimple that needs covering up? A green color corrector will help you get the job done. In addition, green can be used in a primer (or mixed into your foundation) to conceal redness.
    Try: Dermablend Quick Fix™ Color-Correcting Powder Pigments
    Why We Love It: To neutralize skin discolorations, reach for a green-hued color corrector like this one from Dermablend. Enriched with vitamin B3 and optical diffusers, this non-comedogenic corrector smooths the look of dark circles, dark spots and dullness for up to 16 hours. It also boasts a quick-dry formula that blends easily over your skin care products and stays in place under makeup.

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  4. Yellow
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    If your skin appears to be on the lackluster side of the spectrum, yellow can help you sort things out. On top of its brightening abilities, it’s also ideal for purple-hued dark circles.
    Try: jane iredale Corrective Colors Camouflage
    Why We Love It: Aside from having four corrective shades at our disposal, we love that this palette’s creamy colors contain green tea, grapeseed and pine bark extracts to nourish, protect and soothe skin. Each color also blends easily to create a flawless finish.

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  5. Purple
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    With a purple color corrector, you can neutralize the look of yellow undertones in light tan or olive skin tones and kiss sallow skin goodbye.
    Try: Becca Cosmetics First Light Priming Filter
    Why We Love It: This violet-hued primer goes on sheer, hydrating your skin as it brightens and evens out sallow skin tone.

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  6. Blue

    In addition to purple, blue can also be used to eliminate yellow undertones, as well as brighten the look of skin for a glowing complexion.  

    Try: Laura Geller New York Filter Corrector Color Perfecting Balm

    Why We Love It: With three shades to choose from—blue, peach and green—the Laura Geller New York Filter Corrector Color Perfecting Balm works to eliminate yellow undertones, reduce redness and conceal hyperpigmentation, dark spots and visible veins. Formulated with skin-nourishing vitamin E, the color corrector can also protect the skin from environmental aggressors like free radicals and the sun’s UV rays.

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