Dermstore Chats With: Dr. Roshini Raj of TULA on the Power of Probiotic Skin Care

BY Dermstore Editors · January 13, 2017

Dr Roshini Raj of Tula Skin Care | Dermstore Blog

The many health benefits of yogurt are no longer a secret, especially if you’re one of the countless health nuts who consider this tasty treat as snack-time staple. We know that the presence of good bacteria in our gut strengthens our immune system and ups our defense against infections and diseases. But how does this concept translate to skin care? Why are skin care companies like TULA touting probiotics as the next biggest breakthrough skin care ingredient?

To find out more about this, we talked to Dr. Roshini Raj, a practicing gastroenterologist and internist, contributing medical editor for Health Magazine,  medical contributor to several TV shows including The Today Show, Dr. Oz and CNN, and the founder of probiotics skin care TULA.

Dermstore: What inspired you to create TULA? What was missing in the market that you wanted to fill with this brand?

Dr. Roshini Raj: I am currently 45 years old, and in my thirties, I started to notice those age-related changes in the skin that we all start to see and wanted to do something about. Because I had to wear heavy makeup for TV several times a week, I knew that protecting my skin needed to be a priority, and I suspected many other women felt the same way. But I felt that most of the existing skin care products on the market used the same old ingredients and told the same story.  Very few brands were taking a cue from internal medicine and applying the explosion of research and science that has come out about the microbiome and skin health.

I saw an opportunity to translate these cutting-edge, internal medical trends into effective and affordable products for women.  And thus, TULA was born.

D: How did you discover the power of probiotics?

RR: Probiotics (beneficial bacteria or yeast) are naturally found in humans and have always fascinated me.  I’ve been studying them for years and I know first-hand from my GI practice that the environment in which these species of bacteria live (also known as the microbiome), needs to be in balance. If you have a healthy balance of probiotics, your overall health improves.

I was curious if probiotics could have the same effect on the skin as they do on the gut. Could probiotics also help balance and soothe the skin? I looked deeper into the research and it turned out that yes, probiotics could be applied topically and the benefits were overwhelming. The research was astounding and yet nobody had really harnessed this new powerful ingredient in a product. I was determined to be the first!

Topical probiotics help to strengthen the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, making it more resistant to damage from environmental stressors by forming a protective shield on the skin’s surface. Leading dermatologists and top dermatological institutions have called probiotics the newest “breakthrough in beauty” for their skin-healing, calming and anti-microbial benefits.  TULA is the first brand to make probiotics the cornerstone of our technology and our entire product line.

D: What are 5 things people don’t know about probiotics and how it affects our skin? 

  • Most topical probiotics are not alive! We’ve taken the good part of the cells from the probiotics and used those in our technology so that they don’t need to be refrigerated. The added benefit is that our probiotics have a longer shelf life without ever losing their powerful benefits on the skin.
  • Topical probiotics actually help to strengthen the skin’s natural ability to defend itself by forming a type of “protective shield” on the skin’s surface. This makes the skin more resistant to damage from environmental stressors, helps maintain moisture and even helps fight off UV damage.[1]
  • Probiotics work topically for the skin but also internally! There are tons of studies that now show how certain strains of probiotics, when taken orally, can improve skin appearance and lead to a more healthy, glowing complexion.[2] The science is exploding in this area and we’re certainly going to be looking at this as well at TULA (stay tuned!).
  • We all have good and bad bacteria residing on our skin. When the balance shifts towards the bad bacteria, skin irritation or blemishes can develop. Topical probiotics help your skin by preventing them reacting to bad bacteria and causing inflammation.
  • Environmental pollution exposure can prematurely age your skin. Probiotics can help your skin defend against the effects of pollution thereby mitigating the damage.

D: Who should use Tula? Is it good for a particular skin type or concern?

TULA products are suitable for all skin types and ages.  All of our products were specifically designed to be gentle on your skin while also improving your skin’s health. Every formula is clinically tested to ensure it is non-irritating. Recent research suggests that topically-applied probiotics can help soothe and support sensitive skin health, as well as calm irritated, redness-prone skin.

D: For those who are just discovering the brand, which 5 products should they try first and why? 


1. Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment

Our Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment links the benefits of using three different strains of probiotics to help aid the skin’s microbiological layer while in it’s natural state of repair during sleep.


2. Hydrating Day & Night Cream

The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is a bestseller, the first product we launched (and my personal favorite). The texture is smooth and absorbent, it’s lightweight enough for daytime wear but also delivers regenerative hydration overnight, and it works for all skin types.


3. Exfoliating Treatment Mask

To revive my skin after a long flight, I like to use one of our “cult” products, the  Exfoliating Treatment Mask, which sloughs away flakiness and skin dryness to reveal a smoother and brighter skin.


4. Moisture Locking Hand & Nail Therapy

Even with the use of gloves, hands are constantly exposed to the harsh environment, which is why we often experience dry, cracked, irritated skin and cuticles during the colder seasons. Adding a hand cream to your daily routine especially after washing hands is the best preventative measure you can take.  Our Moisture Locking Hand & Nail Therapy not only intensely hydrates the skin, but also replenishes the good bacteria that gets stripped away from harsh antibacterial hand soaps to support skin’s immunity during flu season.

5. Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum

As a woman over 40 who wears eye makeup every day, I noticed that my eyes were the first area to show the signs of aging. Our Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum is a weightless, non-sticky serum to instantly reverse the appearance of tired, puffy eyes and is ideal for everyday wear under makeup. This item is launching soon on Dermstore! In the meantime, also check out our Revitalizing Eye Cream, which works great for eye wrinkles, too!

[1] Anti-Aging Effects of Probiotics
[2] Probiotics and prebiotics in dermatology

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