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Tutorial: A Real Girl’s Guide to Everyday Makeup

As a busy fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, Nikki Minton from My Style Diaries loves contouring, false lashes and bold lips as much as the next makeup junky, but those things just don’t work for everyone in real life. What did, though, was bareMinerals. Hailing from Louisiana, Nikki’s skin broke out from the sudden dry climate change when she moved to California nine years ago. In need of a beauty overhaul, she picked up the bareMinerals Get Started Kit and has been loyal to its foundation ever since. Today, with the help from a few of her bareMinerals favorites, she’s created a look that she believes can really ease your morning routine and function throughout the day.

Her 6 Makeup Must-Haves

  1. 1. Concealer

  2. 2. Foundation

  3. 3. Highlighter

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  4. 4. Eyeshadow

  5. 5. Mascara

  6. 6. Lip Balm

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