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Trend Report: Glossy Skin, Hair, Eyes and Lips (Plus the Best Products to Achieve Them)

Girl With Glossy Skin and Hair

Matte complexions have had their fair share of press and popularity over the years. From oil-balancing cleansers to pressed powders, mattifying formulas have traditionally been more mainstream. But, alas, times are a changing. The latest trend reports, runway shows and countless Insta pages have shown an uptick in more women rocking a shinier visage. So, let us wave goodbye to the old and say hello to the newest beauty obsession—the glossy look.

Amp Up the Shine

Although slowly making a name for itself in the U.S., the glossy trend actually originates in Korea, where it’s been dominating the beauty game with popular “glass skin’’ formulas. According to celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez, “glass skin basically translates to a poreless, dewy complexion that has been enhanced with a luminesce sheen or finish.’’

As glossy, dewy skin is often seen as healthy and youthful, it’s not surprising that it’s a growing trend. We’re also seeing a surge of eyeshadow creams and eye glosses, new-age highlighters that promise to give the skin a lit-from-within glow, moisture-packed lipsticks and lip glosses, as well as high-shine nail colors.

Feeling inspired to get the glossy look? Here are our top 5 product picks for glossy skin, lids, lips, nails and hair:

  1. For Glossy Skin

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  2. For Glossy Lids

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  3. For Glossy Hair
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    For Glossy Hair

    Rita Hazan True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss - Clear illuminates your hair with a silky sheen. Pro-vitamin B5 and silk amino acid condition hair while adding gloss and vibrancy to all hair colors, natural or dyed. The easy-to-use foam mousse goes on quickly in the shower and lasts for a few
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  4. For Glossy Lips

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  5. For Glossy Nails
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    For Glossy Nails

    Smith & Cult Top Coat Above It All is an extremely glossy top coat that delivers an extra coat of protection to your nails while providing long-lasting brilliance and shine. Chip-resistant and 5-free formula ensures your nails are safe from potentially harmful ingredients like dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide and triphenyl phosphate.Key Benefits: * Flawlessly smooth coverage * Brilliant shine * Chip-resistant * 8-free
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