6 Essential Beauty Products to Pack in Your Gym Bag

BY Lindsay Tigar · January 5, 2017

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Between 11:59 p.m. and 12 a.m. on December 31, a small something in everyone shifts, if only for those sixty seconds. While making a New Year’s resolution isn’t as trendy as it used to be—especially since only about 8 percent of the promises we make in January actually come true 12 months later—the idea of creating or changing our lives can feel special, almost like a second chance (or third, fourth or fifth). Part of making your goal-setting successful is putting in the effort to surround yourself with positivity and all of the essentials needed to achieve your dream.

If you’re among the 73 percent of Americans who write down ‘Get fit!’ as their top resolution for the upcoming year, you’re going to need a few gym bag must-haves to get you started. And while body wash, face wipes and deodorant won’t help you slim down or tone up, they might make the process of sweating profusely a tad bit more enjoyable.

Here’s what we think you need to pack on your way to your next hour at the gym or fitness class:

1. All-Around Wipes: skyn ICELAND Glacial Cleansing Cloths

If you’ve ever sweated your way through a hot yoga class or tried to brush a drop from your brow while you have boxing gloves on, then you know how essential something to clean your face off post-workout is. But not all face wipes are created equal and some could increase your chance of breakouts. Give these towelettes a chance: not only are they beauty editor-approved but they thoroughly remove excess oil and dirt. Free of parabens and infused with Icelandic glacial waters and botanical ingredients, they’ll soothe your hot skin and improve your skin texture, too.


2. A Travel-Size Cleansing Device: Clarisonic Mia Fit – Blue

There are all sorts of rumors about acne disappearing with age, but if you’re someone who suffers from hormonal breakouts, you know that’s not always the case. And one way to trigger even more bumps along your jawline and forehead? Not washing your face thoroughly after you sweat. To the rescue: this (super-cute!) travel-size Clarisonic that will quickly give your skin the deep-cleanse it’s begging for after you work out. This sweet set comes with face wash too, so you’ll save yourself another buy.

3. A Bacne-Fighting Body Wash: VI Derm Exfoliating Body Wash

Early birds not only get the worm, but they’re often more productive than night owls who ring in the moonlight. Resolving to wake up and get in that workout class before you head to the office is a noble goal, and this exfoliating body wash might just be the wash that gets you grooving. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, the formula empowers your skin to repair itself, all while providing a sweet scent of amber, vanilla, citrus and jasmine to wake you up.


4. A Disposable Deodorant: DERMAdoctor MED e TATE Antiperspirant Wipes

Of all the items you should carry in your gym bag, this one might be the most important. Or at least, the one you’ll be annoyed if you forget and then have to head to work and worrying about your pits all day long. These one-use antiperspirant wipes are small and light, making it easy to toss one in before you head out the door. If you have sensitive skin that’s easily irritated, you won’t have to worry about breaking out because of the botanical extracts infused within the formula. And if you’re a heavy sweater? No sweat. Made with aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine complex, these wipes protect you for up to 12 hours.

5. A No-Rinse Shampoo: Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Aerosol 

Slicked-back oily hair might be semi-trendy right now, but if you can’t stand extra grease in your hair, a dry shampoo is your bestie, especially when you barely have enough time to squeeze in a workout between escaping from the office and meeting your friends for dinner. Add a few spritz of this aerosol and no one will ever know you just did 30 burpees.


6. A Chic Water Bottle: Glass Bottle and Silicone Sleeve – Elle

Not only is water the only thing you crave when you’re pumping vigorously at spin class or holding a plank for far too long in yoga, but filling up on water will help you from overeating and keep your body and skin hydrated. And while water may be a little more boring than wine, at least you can keep your daily intake in a pretty bottle. This one-liter beauty is made of glass with a silicone sleeve (dishwasher safe FTW!) and is BPA-free. Bottoms up!


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