The 8 Harry Josh® Pro Tools Hairstyling Products You Have to Try (and Why)

BY Bianca Mendez · July 22, 2019

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There was a time when we never thought much about our hair tools. We grabbed the prettiest, most functional-looking hair dryer we could find and went on about our day. Then, Harry Josh came into the picture and completely changed the way we look at our styling tools.

If you’re thinking, “Harry Josh, he sounds familiar,” let me explain. Josh is a celebrity and editorial hairstylist, responsible for some of the most iconic hairstyles seen on supermodels and celebrities. Remember Gisele Bundchen’s bombshell beach waves? That was his doing. After years of coloring and styling hair on the runway and for high fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and more, Josh decided to bring the world of celebrity hair to the consumer, creating a line of luxurious and high-quality hair tools that look as good as they work. His most popular tool? His signature mint-green Harry Josh Pro 2000 Dryer. The hair dryer which has received numerous “Best of Beauty” awards in national magazines, is loved by celebrities and beauty editors alike, and is what made Josh a household name.

If you ask Harry Josh, he’ll say that the secret to a luscious, frizz-free look is using the right, high-quality stylers. In an article for Dermstore, he once said, “Cheaper dryers do not last long, don’t have an ion setting switch and separate heat and speed settings (less heat should be applied to already damaged hair). Cheaper dryers also take much longer to blow-dry hair (the less time you need to blow-dry hair, the less heat you apply, the less heat damage for your hair).”

And it’s not just hair dryers that Josh is known for. He has a slew of other styling tools that promise you shiny, frizz-free hair that looks like you stepped out of the runway. Below are some of his most popular hair tools that are totally worth the hype.

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

Winner of Allures Best of Beauty Award for three consecutive years, this is the signature hair dryer that put Harry Josh’s name on the hair tools map. When this hair dryer first came out, it instantly became a game changer for how we style our hair. Handmade in France, this hair dryer features a strong motor that lets out air at 84 MPH (which is a savior for those who spend way too much time on their hair) and advanced dual ion functionality that reduces frizz and maximizes shine, all while giving you the custom look you want. And the reviews support the hype. One reviewer says, “I have super thick, coarse, medium frizzy hair. It usually takes FOREVER to blow dry. This dryer gets it 100% dry in about 10 minutes, which is really quick for me.”

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer

Faster, lighter and quieter. Those words best describe Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer. It has all the qualities of the original hair dryer, with added whisper-soft technology for reduced noise and a nozzle extension featuring patent Cool Air Flex Technology that lets you hold the dryer by the nozzle without feeling the burn. It also contains over 12 heat settings for all hair types, allowing you to customize your look from frizz-free sleek to big and voluminous. And best of all, it lets out air at 94 mph and its lightweight design and advanced motor means your arm won’t get tired from all that styling. And the reviewers agree that it’s “the best hair dryer ever.”

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Ceramic Flat Styling Iron

Get sleek hair with just one pass of this flat iron. This hair straightener heats up in lightning speed and its extra-large ceramic heating plates ensure even heat distribution across every strand. One reviewer cites this product as, “Hands down best hair straightener. You NEED this,” and another reviewer noted “shiny, silky hair” with just one pass of the flat iron.

Harry Josh® Pro Tools 2-in-1 Marcel Curling Iron

“Honestly, when I first launched the line, the first thing I should have made was a curling iron because I’m obsessed with waves—it’s what I’m known for,” admitted Harry Josh in a recent interview with the Dermstore editors. And in true fashion, this curling iron lives up to the hype. With its removable clamp, this hair tool goes from curling iron for creating old-school movie-star waves to a wand for creating messy beach waves. The tool’s 1-inch barrel makes it suitable for all hair lengths, and it also contains negative ions that smooth your hair without stripping its moisture.

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Travel Ceramic Flat Styling Iron

No need to travel with a subpar styling iron (or waste precious suitcase space) because this ceramic flat iron is perfectly sized for on-the-go use. With a 30-second heat-up time and negative ion-emitting tourmaline barrel, this tool packs seriously advanced technology in a lightweight six-ounce package. And its universal voltage means you can style anywhere around the globe.

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Travel Curling Iron 1.25 Inch

Like the travel flat iron, the other tool in Josh’s on-the-go lineup makes it easy to create professional looks and fit all your necessities in a carry-on. This travel curling iron’s 1.25″ barrel heats evenly from top to bottom thanks to nano-ceramic technology, and is the perfect size to create waves and curls on any hair length.

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Pro Styling Clips

Josh understands that every hair tool serves a purpose. And with his savvy hairstyling techniques in mind, he created these clips with a double-jointed design featuring high tension and durable springs that keep even the toughest of hair in place while styling. One reviewer writes, “I have fine hair and usually clips slide right out of my hair. Using these clips with the Harry Josh dryer makes a blowout so much easier and quicker, resulting in almost professional-looking results.”

Harry Josh® Pro Tools Detangling Brush

This hair brush can conquer even the unruliest of hair. The ball-tipped bristles also make an excellent scalp massager, promoting circulation and healthy hair. But fair warning: it’s so good, your significant other might “borrow” it, according to this reviewer: “I have long, thick hair that tangles easily and this is the brush I keep using. My husband stole the first one I got because he said it feels good on his scalp—not too hard. I ordered another one just for me.”

Bianca Mendez

Bianca Mendez

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