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The 5 One Love Organics Products You Need To Try

Our favorite green-beauty expert Amanda Jo from Organic Bunny is back! We’ve seen her create a gorgeous yet simple look for spring using all of her favorite nontoxic beauty products, and today she’s showcasing selections from the fabulous One Love Organics line. Not only are these products organic and natural based, they’re also some of the best-performing green-beauty products we carry—and they’re made right here in the USA! Wondering what some of the top-selling blogger-favorites are? Check out five of Amanda’s must-have OLO items below!

Her Top One Love Choices

  1. 1. Cleansing Sponge
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    1. Cleansing Sponge

    One Love Organics The Cleansing Sponge French Pink Clay Heart Shape detoxifies pores by gently washing away dirt and makeup. Made from 100% naturally alkaline konjac root fiber that balances and nourishes skin with a blend of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Ideal for rosacea, sensitive, mature and dry skin
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  2. 2. Firming Serum

  3. 3. Eye Balm
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    3. Eye Balm

    One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm hydrates and revitalizes tired eyes. Packed with antioxidants including vitamin E, organic shea butter, pomegranate and sea kelp, this nutrient-rich formula nourishes your skin, reducing puffiness and smoothing fine lines for a fresh, youthful appearance. Including only the finest natural ingredients, this balm is safe to use and won't irritate your skin.Key Ingredients: * Shea butter - rich in vitamins A and E, it hydrates and calms irritated skin * Pomegranate - hydrates, reduces inflammation and defends against environmental damageDue to a manufacturer
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  4. 4. Makeup Remover
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    4. Makeup Remover

    One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover removes makeup, dirt and any other impurities. The gentle formula helps restore the skin's moisture and pH balance. Pumpkin oil, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, keep the skin youthful and radiant. Vitamin E protects against environmental damage.Due to a manufacturer packaging change, item received may vary from product
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  5. 5. Dry Shampoo

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