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5 Skin Cycling Benefits With Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe

Janeca Racho
Writer and expert29 days ago
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You have probably heard of Skin Cycling, but wondered: Is it for me? Is it hard? Time consuming? Well, according to millions of experts worldwide, including the expert who is credited with coining the term and introducing it to the world, it’s not only simple but incredibly effective for achieving healthy, radiant, glowing skin that you never dreamed possible. If you haven’t started- this will be your guide to the benefits of skin cycling.

What Are the Benefits of Skin Cycling?

With millions of hashtag uses and billions of views—counting fellow derms and skin care experts among its fans—it’s safe to say Skin Cycling took off like a rocket. And for good reason. Its new converts swear by its instantly noticeable results, but Skin Cycling benefits don’t stop there. These include:

1. Enhances cell turnover

Skin Cycling encourages skin cell turnover by incorporating active ingredients that support cell regeneration both on the top and deeper layers of the skin while ensuring healthy barrier functions.

2. Optimal results from active ingredients

By focusing only on one active ingredient at a time and giving your skin time to rest, you avoid overwhelming your skin while allowing your product to penetrate more effectively. Skin Cycling also allows your skin to fully adapt to potent active ingredients as it goes through its natural renewal process. Further, once you are better able to tolerate these potent actives, you can build in additional retinoid days into your routine to dial up benefits and results.

3. Reduces irritation

Skin Cycling prompts your skin to build tolerance for powerful ingredients like retinol, retinal and exfoliating acids. And because it doesn’t require your routine to include the whole nine yards, you’re less likely to encounter ingredients that may cause unwanted reactions.

4. Improved tone and texture

A skin care staple, exfoliation prevents the buildup of old skin cells and debris, clears out pores, and helps set up other active ingredients for success. However, too much of it can lead to dryness and irritation. With Skin Cycling, you get to reap its skin-resurfacing benefits—brighter complexion, even tone, and smoother texture—without the risk of over-exfoliation.

5. Strengthens and repairs the skin barrier

Your skin barrier is responsible for locking in moisture and preventing dehydration while protecting your skin from irritants, allergens, and other external stressors. But constant exposure to workhorse ingredients can compromise it in the long run if you are experiencing irritation. With Skin Cycling, you’re shining the spotlight on your skin’s natural protective wall by allowing it to repair itself and doubling down on barrier-renewing and moisturizing ingredients and learning to listen to your skin.

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The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that no routine or skin care product is a catch-all, and how effective Skin Cycling will be ultimately depends on how well you understand your skin and its needs. Fortunately, Skin Cycling is designed to work for all skin types and can be tailored to respond to specific concerns.



Janeca Racho
Writer and expert
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With over 10 years of writing and editing experience, Janeca Racho has worked with clients in the fashion, entertainment, food, health and travel industries. An adventurer at heart, she will gladly trade her heels for a good pair of hiking shoes and skip hotels to camp under the stars. She loves horror movies, googling ingredients in her beauty products and backpacking trips with her toddler. Her newfound obsession: nude lipstick.