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Which Foundation Provides the Best Coverage?

Which Foundation Provides the Best Coverage?
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Foundation is the base layer of most #MOTD looks. Designed to elevate the complexion with a touch of color while blurring out the look of imperfections, foundation comes in a variety of finishes as well as a range of coverage options. Whether you’re looking for full coverage foundation to provide a more photoshoot-ready glam look or want something lightweight and natural for everyday wear, there are so many different foundation formulas to choose from for your desired skin tint.

Up ahead, we dive deeper into the different types of foundations, including the foundation that provides the best coverage, as well as some go-to options for those with oily or combination skin.

Full Coverage Foundation

Full coverage foundation is exactly what it sounds like—foundation designed to give your complexion full coverage for a more flawless finish. While all skin types can wear this foundation type, it’s usually a go-to for those with acne or blemish-prone complexions since it works like magic to mask the look of uneven skin tone.

Since it tends to be on the heavier side, full coverage foundation is best worn in cooler, dryer seasons such as fall and winter. That said, there are ways to prevent full-coverage makeup from melting in the summertime. If you prefer a full-coverage foundation, applying a mattifying primer before dabbing on makeup can help keep it in place and prevent the foundation from sweating.

To ensure you get a nice, even coverage, it’s best to keep your skin prepped and primed before application—and we’re not just talking about that mattifying primer. Before applying full coverage foundation, you want to smooth out the complexion as best as possible by using an exfoliating formula such as a salicylic acid serum. And, if you are prone to dry skin buildup, be sure to incorporate a physical exfoliating scrub in your weekly routine, too.

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Natural Foundation

Natural foundations are formulated with clean ingredients designed to support the complexion through skincare benefits. These types of foundations tend to be on the lighter side and are more like a skin tint vs. full coverage foundation, as they provide a tinge of color without covering up the look of your natural complexion.

Since these formulas are more lightweight, you can wear them virtually any time of year and in any season. That being said, it’s not the best makeup for photos, so something with a little more coverage is a better choice for events or family photo sessions where you want to enhance the skin a little more.

Overall, natural foundations are an excellent option for daily wear. They’re lightweight enough to feel like the last step in a skincare routine, yet the soft coverage helps even things out a little more and give you an overall nice, dewy glow.

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Matte Foundation

Matte foundation comes in both liquid and powder formulas and is designed to give the skin a more mattifying effect. This foundation type is best for those with oily skin, as the mattifying effect can help keep excess oil and shine at bay. However, matte foundations could work well for other skin types in certain seasons, especially in summer when we’re all a little more prone to sweating.

Since matte foundation helps mattify the complexion, it’s not really a go-to for those with dry or mature skin in the fall and winter months, as the dry climate combined with the matte finish can make skin appear more lackluster. On the contrary, oily skin types can wear this foundation type all year long to reduce shine.

When applying matte foundation, you still want to nourish your skin with hydration before dabbing it into the skin. If you are oily-prone, opt for a salicylic acid serum to keep excess oil at bay and a light moisturizer to provide hydration without it feeling too heavy. Then, to get more out of your foundation, use a mattifying primer before applying the foundation.

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Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is a foundation in powder form. Sometimes referred to as a compact powder or compact foundation, this type of foundation comes in various types of coverage—including light, medium, and full—and usually has a more mattifying effect (thanks to the powder-based formula).

Similar to matte foundations, those with oily skin might best benefit from this foundation type as it can help keep shine at bay. However, if you have more combination skin and tend to get oily or shiny on your T-zone area, a powder foundation can be a great option for mid-day coverage touch-ups.

Since the compact powder goes on more matte, it’s best to start with a fresh complexion free of excess dry skin build up. So, if you’re someone who prefers this type of foundation, be sure to incorporate a weekly exfoliating scrub into your beauty routine and to help buff out dry skin buildup.

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Liquid Foundation

As its name suggests, liquid foundation has a more liquidy consistency which can range from an ultra-lightweight watered down feel to a creamy, almost lotion-like texture. This foundation type comes in light, medium, and full coverage and is usually applied with either a foundation brush or sponge to get more seamless coverage. Depending on the coverage type, it’s a foundation that can be worn daily and in any season.

What makes liquid foundation so great is, in addition to different coverage, it also has different finishes, so you can find ones that are ultra-hydrating and provide a glowy finish as well as options that dry matte on the complexion for more oily skin types. Additionally, liquid foundations are usually super easy to blend and, if you want, you can also mix them with a moisturizer to create your own skin tint and customize your desired coverage.

Full coverage foundation provides the best coverage. However, there are many cases where lighter coverage might be preferred. For those who wish to go with a more no-makeup-makeup look, natural foundation designed to enhance skin without covering up its texture and tone might be a better option. And, those with combination skin might greatly benefit from a compact powder foundation for mid-day touch-ups. With that said, you can find full coverage foundation formulas in liquid, powder, and matte form, too, so there are plenty of application options.

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