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The Skinmialistic Three-Step P.M. Routine: Normal-Combo Skin

Whether you’re a skin care connoisseur or a novice, it can be helpful to simplify things in your routine. Maybe you’re experiencing a product overload, wanting a routine refresh, or just looking to start building a regimen; whatever your reason, we’re going back to the basics. Meet your new “skinimalistic” summer nighttime routine—curated specifically for normal-to-combination skin.

  1. Cleanser: SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
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    Cleanser: SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

    With an exfoliating combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, this skin-refining cleanser removes dead cells and other impurities, leaving your skin looking smoother and brighter. The addition of lavender extract tones and soothes inflammation while citrus oils minimize the look of pores for a radiant and refreshed appearance.

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  2. Neocutis BIO SERUM FIRM Rejuvenating Growth Factor and Peptide Treatment
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    Neocutis BIO SERUM FIRM Rejuvenating Growth Factor and Peptide Treatment

    No routine is complete without a powerhouse serum. They do the heavy lifting in your routine—delivering powerful ingredients that penetrate the barrier to suit your skin’s needs. And this one from Neocuitis is a veritable bodybuilder. Infused with a powerful blend of proprietary peptides and human growth factors, this anti-aging serum helps reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles while brightening the skin. Sodium hyaluronate, a hyaluronic acid derivative, replenishes moisture and helps boost the skin’s resilience.

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  3. Obagi Medical Hydrate Luxe
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    Obagi Medical Hydrate Luxe

    A well-formulated moisturizer can make a huge difference in both the health and look of skin. This one from Obagi is a cult favorite for a reason. It’s designed to work in tandem with the natural nightly function of your skin to hydrate and replenish your complexion, so you awake feeling refreshed with skin that is more radiant, more supple and softer. It even works better the more you use it, continuing the cycle of replenishment, further improving the overall appearance and condition of your skin. 

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