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Your Favorite Superfood Just Got Better: Avocado Oil Benefits for Skin & Hair

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Avocados have become an American staple. Our appetite for the avocado has grown exponentially since 2000 and for good reason. They’re one of the tastiest, most versatile superfoods out there. From toast to burritos and everything in between, we love adding this creamy fruit to our meals. Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and other nutrients (hello, vitamins B, C, E and K!) so you can indulge in this green buttery goodness without the guilt. Besides how great they are when consumed, avocados have a ton of great benefits when used on your skin, hair and nails. 

Avocado Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

The oil extracted from the flesh of an avocado happens to be an awesome addition to pump up your beauty routine. With hydrating effects and nourishing components, avocado oil is making its way into lotions, lippies, hair conditioners and more. It’s time to stop thinking of avocados as an add-on to your meal and start putting them front and center of your beauty regimen. Here are some of the notable avocado oil benefits for skin and hair.

Gently Moisturizes: 
In one study, avocado oil proved to be an effective topical treatment for chronic plaque psoriasis, with its benefits remaining constant during the entire observation period. For those with itchy, dry, sensitive skin, avocado oil offers gentle, non-irritating relief.

Promotes Skin Healing:
Because of its rich content of oleic acid and essential fatty acids, avocado oil is being considered as a viable option for treating skin wounds. A recent study on wound healing in rats found that using avocado oil topically led to increased collagen synthesis and decreased inflammation.

Stimulates Collagen Production:
In addition to its topical benefits on collagen, avocado oil can stimulate collagen production from within. Another study shows that consuming avocado oil leads to significant increases in soluble collagen content in skin.

Slows Down Skin’s Aging:
Exposure to environmental pollution and sun damage are two of the top causes of aging skin. Avocado oil contains some of the highest concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin of any fruit or vegetable, which may help protect the skin from sun damage (from both UV and visible radiation). Plus, studies also show that consuming avocado is significantly associated with greater skin elasticity and fewer wrinkles—thanks to the abundance of vitamins and healthy fats.

Nourishes Hair and Scalp:
Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, biotin and vitamins. These nutrients have been proven to lubricate the hair and prevent hair breakage—while enhancing shine.

See our top picks for products made with avocado oil below. 


  1. 1. For Shiny, Voluminous Locks:
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    1. For Shiny, Voluminous Locks:

    A gentle yet effective shampoo that leaves your hair reinvigorated. The avocado oil nourishes the scalp and strands to create voluminous and shiny locks. Plus the peppermint aroma turns your standard shower into a refreshing oasis!

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  2. 2. For Bold, Defined Eyes:

    Sunflower and avocado oils work together to create a creamy, cushiony texture for smooth application. This highly pigmented waterproof eyeliner glides on easily for a bold look that lasts up to 14 hours, ideal if you want to rock a smoldering eye that stays put while dancing the night away.

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  3. 3. For Firmer, Brighter Under Eyes:
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    3. For Firmer, Brighter Under Eyes:

    A multitasking moisturizer that hydrates, de-puffs and tightens. Built with avocado oil and all-natural ingredients, this eye balm promotes firmness and elasticity around the delicate skin of your under eyes. Dab a little on whenever you need an instant rejuvenating boost!

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  4. 4. For a Vibrant, Youthful Face:

    A luxurious facial mask packed with avocado oils to instantly hydrate and nourish the skin. The avocado oils offer anti-aging benefits and work hand in hand with java plum, mango and banana oils to soothe, strengthen and soften dry skin.

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  5. 5. For Flawless, Protected Skin:

    The EMANI HD Corrective Concealer blurs away dark spots and discoloration while also hydrating the skin for a flawless finish. The secret? You guessed it: avocado oil. It nourishes your skin and adds antioxidant protection, while the concentrated pigment offers long-lasting coverage of blemishes.

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  6. 6. For a Balanced Complexion:
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    6. For a Balanced Complexion:

    If you have yet to add a cleansing oil to your routine, the Eminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Cleaning Oil may be the one. The exotic blend of oils deep clean, reduce redness and soften skin. Not ready to replace your favorite facial cleanser? It effectively removes makeup, so it works wonders as step one in a double-cleanse process.

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  7. 7. For Ultra-Kissable Lips:

    Avocado oil uses go a touch beyond hair and nails—now you can reap the benefits in a long-wearing lip color. The Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Lipstick is a convenient way to keep your lips both moisturized and seductively pigmented for an irresistible pout that lasts up to six hours.

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  8. 8. For an All-Over Hydrated Glow:

    A nutrient-dense mix of olive oil, avocado and shea butter deeply nourish the skin while still absorbing quickly. The oils leave your skin glowing and add a playful hint of exotic herbal scent.

  9. 9. For Nourished, Silky Hands:

    When we say from head to toe, we mean it! Avocado oil adds moisture to the often neglected hands and feet. Peppermint revitalizes tired feet and creamy avocado softens rough hands and cracked cuticles.

  10. 10. For a Salon-Worthy Pedicure:

    A convenient cream that heals dry, cracked feet. Nailtiques Avocado Foot Cream repairs calluses without that sticky, greasy feeling. It’s perfect for a relaxing at-home spa treatment before bed to reveal softer feet in the morning.

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