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We Tried These Top-Rated Hair Growth Products, Here’s What Happened

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Hair loss and thinning hair are common issues that many of us will face at some point in our lives. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology estimates that roughly one in four women will experience a form of hair loss. While the causes can vary (from stress to genetics), finding the right treatment is equally the most challenging part.

With August being National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we asked our staff dealing with similar concerns to try some of our best-selling hair growth products. Read their testimonials below to find out which ones made the grade!

1. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements

Tested by: Gabrielle O’Rourke, Assistant Brand Manager
Hair Type + Texture: Wavy, dry and frizzy
Hair Concern: Slow hair growth

  • First Impression: The only thing I was initially skeptical about is the fact that they contain shark cartilage, but I got over that quickly. There isn’t any strong smell to the pills, and they are about the size of a dime, if not smaller, which makes them easy to swallow.
  • Results After One Month: The first month seemed a little slow, as I didn’t notice much of a difference right away, just my normal hair-growth rate (about less than half an inch a month).
  • Results After Two Months: Now, this is when I saw the first huge difference! I felt as if I woke up and my hair grew an inch and a half out of nowhere. Maybe not actually an inch and a half, but very close.
  • Results After Four Months: I honestly wish I had more boxes of this product because of how fast it has made my hair grow. I am a brunette-turned-blonde and my roots are grown out like crazy.  I would say my hair grew a solid three to four inches in a matter of three months (which for my hair is typically unheard of).
  • Final Verdict: “When can I get more boxes?!” Seriously, I can genuinely say this is a great product, and I’ve tried several different hair-growth products in the past. I will 100% continue to use them and recommend them to more people.

2. Klorane Hair Strength Routine with Quinine & B Vitamins for Thinning Hair (4-pieces)

Tested by: Ana Ochoa, Customer Service Rep
Hair Type + Texture: Medium, coarse
Hair Concern: Thinning hair

  • First Impression: The shampoo has a very soothing, botanical scent, although it hardly lathers, while the conditioner is super runny and not moisturizing enough for my hair type. The fortifying spray is honestly too harsh for my sensitive scalp since I have over-processed hair. (I ended up giving it to a friend who had more positive results and no stinging sensation). However, I was most impressed with the hair-and-nails supplements since they are super convenient to take—just one capsule in the morning.
  • Results After One Month:  I noticed a significant difference with hair growth within a three-week period (over an inch), so it’s safe to say that I was a happy camper the first month.
  • Results After Two Months: By month two, my experience remained pleasant. Surprisingly, I did see a decrease in growth along the hairline and in density. Regardless of the slowdown, my hair became stronger.
  • Results After Four Months: Although I didn’t get the crazy growth spurt like the first monthI still saw new growth along the hairline and my hair felt stronger. And I want to put emphasis on the “stronger” part. My hair began feeling nourished, healthier and above all, it was growing. By now, I am losing little to no hair in the shower.
  • Final Verdict: My overall experience with the line is gratifying, and I have recommended this set to friends and our Dermstore customers.

3. Elon Matrix 5,000 — Vitamins for Hair

Tested by: Candi Taylor, Purchasing Specialist
Hair Type + Texture: Fine, wavy
Hair Concern: Slow hair growth

  • First Impression: Although my hair is rather healthy, I still desired faster hair growth since my normal growth rate is a bit slower than average. I was a bit skeptical of this product at first but grew excited as I read dozens of positive reviews.
  • Results After One Month:  Within the first month, I noticed my hair was stronger (no evidence of growth just yet).
  • Results After Two Months: By the second month, my hair was noticeably fuller and shinier. Also, my nails became stronger as well, which was a great added benefit!
  • Results After Four Months: The last month my hair grew an additional inch. Plus, it was noticeably healthier with a vibrant look and feel.
  • Final Verdict: I absolutely love these hair vitamins. They have proven hundreds of reviews right. I started with an intention to simply grow my hair, which it did by four inches (my hairdresser and I gauged this by my upper back tattoo), but I also ended up with stronger hair and nails and fuller, shinier strands! I will definitely be recommending this product to others!

4. Keranique Deluxe Regrowth Hair System Kit (4-pieces)

Tested by: Jessica Quinn, Beauty Reporter
Hair Type + Texture: Fine and straight (dry ends from processing)
Hair Concern: Hair thinning on the left side; slow growth

  • First Impression: I was pleasantly surprised with the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo has a really nice texture that makes it easier to spread across the surface of your hair/scalp. The shampoo instructions say to leave it on for three minutes, which I thought was strange because I’ve always rinsed my hair right away, but I didn’t notice any negative effects from it.
  • Results After One Month: I was hoping to see some growth after the first month. However, that was not the case. I noticed a big difference in the shininess of my hair and how soft it felt from using both the shampoo and conditioner, as well as the accompanying treatments.
  • Results After Two Months: Things started to pick up a bit after month two. I still didn’t see growth in the thin areas, but I did notice that my hair was growing a little faster than usual (I judged this based on my root growth after seeing my hairdresser for color touch-up during month one).
  • Results After Four Months: While I still had hope for my thin patches, unfortunately, they didn’t improve in month four. My hair continued to grow, but I didn’t notice it get any thicker—just slightly longer like month two and three. That said, my hair continued to love the product for its hydrating/nourishing properties. I don’t think I’ve had hair that felt this soft and smooth in a long time.
  • Final Verdict: While the product didn’t do what I hoped it would (promote regrowth around the thinner areas of my head and improve overall thickness), it did something I didn’t know I needed. My hair felt super soft and looked silky throughout the entire four months—even during desert-level heat waves!

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