Through Thick and Thin: 7 Best Shampoos for Thicker, Fuller Hair

BY Janeca Racho · May 2, 2018

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With beach season just a skip and a hop away, now is the best time to upgrade your hair game. But it’s hard to get excited about changing up your look when you constantly have to deal with a limp mane and even a little hair loss.  After all, nothing quite sends our worry sensors into overdrive quite like running our hand through our tresses and ending up with a clump of loose strands.

What Causes Hair Loss

While it’s natural for everyone to shed about 100 strands of hair each day, Robyn Michel, hairstylist at Supercuts in Providence, says hair loss is also often triggered by stress. “Stress can have such a negative influence on our body, including our hair. Generally, you shouldn’t be concerned unless you are seeing bald spots on your head. If that’s the case, see a dermatologist. [They] can determine if the hair loss is because of a medical condition or even a side effect of medications you are already taking,” she explains.

Stephanie Johnson, licensed beauty professional at Fusion Specialty Salon Studio in Dallas, echoes this and adds chemotherapy, thyroid issues and even repeated use of clip-in extensions and tight hairstyles as common contributors to hair and scalp problems.

Hormones are also another major culprit for hair fall, says Patty Mocarski of Little Space Salon in New York. “Changing or going off of your birth control, menopause and pregnancy all wreak havoc in the hair loss department,” she says. This is particularly true for women dealing with rising levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is thought to cause female pattern baldness, adds Johnson. “It can cause new hair to seem more fine and weaker, eventually leading to the follicle stopping the growth altogether,” she explains.

How to Get Thicker Hair at Home

As with most things, the first step in finding a solution to your hair and scalp problems is identifying the cause, says Michel. “If the hair loss is noticeable but not significant, it could be caused by a lack of nutrients in the body,” she explains. But aside from the state of your overall health, Johnson says that what you do and put on your scalp also plays a role in maintaining your mane’s volume and thickness. “Sulfate and salt-laden products are drying and dehydrating, making follicles shrink down and not work as well,” she adds.

To encourage growth and minimize hair fall, Mocarski suggests adding a volumizing shampoo to your shower routine and conditioning regularly to moisturize and pamper your scalp. Styling your hair with sprays, powders and texturizers will also add density and fullness to your locks, making those waves and curls fall and sway more dramatically. But—like always—when using several hair products, Michel says it’s important to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of buildup that could clog the pores on your scalp and prevent new hair from growing.

Other Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Circulation is key in hair growth, so Johnson says to give your scalp some love by massaging it with castor oil at night to boost moisture and blood flow. (You should also go easy on the tight buns, braids and ponytails, says Mocarski.) And while instincts may tell you to hoard all the volumizing shampoos and sprays you can find, Michel says less is actually better as “too many products will weigh the hair down.”

Best Shampoos for Fuller-Looking Hair

Ready to welcome summer with bouncy, fuller-looking hair? Below, we’ve rounded up the best volumizing and hair-thickening shampoos on Dermstore.

1. Rahua Voluminous Shampoo

Great for: Oily, fine or color-treated hair

Why we love it: Dry, weak and damaged strands can spell disaster for your hair goals, but that’s not something this volumizing shampoo can’t fix for you. Featuring lemongrass, green tea and omega-9–rich ungurahua oil, it creates bounce and volume by cleansing and removing excess oils, strengthening weak strands and restoring hair follicles. The best part? It does all its hair magic without drying strands—perfect for a daily hair indulgence!

What shoppers say: “I’ve been happily surprised by how this shampoo has helped my hair! It’s shiny, soft and bouncy, even on the day I don’t wash my hair. And my slight wave has come back to life.”—Nashville, TN

2. Julien Farel Haircare Hydrate Shampoo

Great for: Dry, damaged hair or color-treated hair

Why we love it: Dryness doesn’t only lead to an itchy and flaky scalp, it also causes weak and brittle hair. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and arginine, this ultra-hydrating shampoo works doubly hard as it helps attract and seal moisture back into your tresses while increasing circulation and hair growth.

What shoppers say: “My hair [feels] soft and FULL using this product! I combine the shampoo with the matching conditioner for the greatest hair results!”—Jackson, MS

3. Alterna Bamboo Volume Abundant Volume Shampoo

Great for: Color-treated hair

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a product that can give life to your lackluster locks, look no further than this gentle daily shampoo. With a natural, sulfate-free formula that features organic bamboo extracts, panthenol, amino acids and organic maca root, it rids the hair of excess oil and impurities and renews and hydrates from root to tip. Its Advanced Color Hold Technology also protects color while giving you that coveted volume and bounce!

4. Nick Chavez Plump 'N Thick Thickening Shampoo

Great for: Fine or thinning hair

Why we love it: This volumizing shampoo comes loaded with collagen, wheat protein and vitamins A and E—all the ingredients you need to get that full head of hair you’ve been aiming for! Aside from washing away dirt and excess oil, this shampoo also helps hydrate and seal in moisture to enhance your mane’s volume and shine.

What shoppers say: “I noticed this really improves the volume and thickness of my thin hair. It doesn’t make my hair greasy either and doesn’t dry it out.”—Phoenix, AZ

5. Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng Biotin Volumizing Shampoo

Great for: Fine, thinning or damaged hair

Why we love it: Even mermaids will envy your luscious locks after you give them a dose of this volumizing shampoo! Enriched with ginger root and ginseng extracts, biotin and maltodextrin, this shampoo breathes new life into limp and dull hair by stimulating blood flow and strengthening and protecting each strand, leaving you with head-turning volume and salon-quality results.

What shoppers say: “I have fine, somewhat wavy, slightly coarse hair with an oily scalp and ends that can get a little dry. This shampoo does a fab job of cleaning without stripping my hair or drying my ends. It does, indeed, give my hair some volume and swing when I blow dry it, and it makes it feel a little thicker.”—Nashville, TN

6. Rene Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing Shampoo

Great for: Fine or limp hair

Why we love it: Struggling with fine or limp hair? Don’t fret—your hair may just have found its match! This volumizing shampoo is infused with carob extract and citric acid to naturally boost volume, remove dirt and debris without stripping essential oils and preventing water damage.

What shoppers say: “This product is the best for fine, limp and even color-treated hair. After one shampoo, your hair will have so much more body and shine.”—Huntington Beach, CA 

7. R+Co DALLAS Thickening Shampoo

Great for: Fine, damaged or color-treated hair

Why we love it: Featuring a vegan formula that’s infused with cyperus root oil, moringa seed and golden root extracts, this thickening shampoo rejuvenates fine and flat hair by protecting it from free radicals, repairing oxidative damage and fighting off thermal stress. It’s also infused with advanced polymers and cystine copolymer that help create body and volume while reducing static and improving manageability.

8. Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo

Great for: All hair types

Why we love it: This thickening and volumizing shampoo from the Swedish hair care brand is formulated with Ocean Silk Technology that helps nourish, detangle and add volume to your limp and lifeless hair, leaving you with salon-worthy lift and body. It’s also infused with algae extracts, heat and UV protectors that boost your mane’s hydration and improve luster and shine.

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