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We Tested 5 Lip Plumpers, Here’s What Happened

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In case you haven’t noticed, plump lips are no longer just a trend; they’re a beauty staple that’s here to stay. While you can achieve a more voluminous pout with traditional fillers and injections, for those who are looking for an alternative fix that doesn’t require any needles, look no further than a new generation of lip-plumping products.

From plumping gels to lip masks to topical fillers, there’s no shortage of products that promise to smooth lip lines, add volume and enhance the shape of our lips. With so many options available on the market, we were curious to see if these at-home solutions really delivered results. Here, we had five girls from the office try five of our top-selling lip plumpers. Keep scrolling to hear their honest feedback and decide which of these products is right for you.

  1. 1. Best for Fine Lines: Fillerina Lip Plump Grade 3

    Reviewed By: Joann R., Marketing Copywriter
    First Impression: I was intrigued by the concept of a topical filler that could actually work to plump my lips. I know devices work well to temporarily make your lips look fuller, but the topical lip-plumping products I’ve tried have always failed to impress. But seeing as how this one is meant to be used multiple times a day for at least a month, it looked like it could be a winner.
    Results After One Month: I used this for over a month and still have a little less than half the product left—you get a lot of bang for your buck! The HA in it helped to visibly lift my lips and the user-friendly rollerball application was great for on-the-go touch-ups. Since it’s an HA product, I think it did well to “fill” the lines on my lips. In regards to plumping, results were more subtle.
    The Verdict: Though this will not provide the same results as injectable fillers, the results are worth the purchase for those with thinning lips or fine lines around the lip area. At this stage, I would probably just reach for it once a day in the morning. I used it for over a month now and the visible benefits seem to be pretty subtle, so I don’t think frequent use is necessary. But I do like how the product helps to fill lines and lift (or perk up) my lip area.

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  2. 2. If You're Looking for a More Natural Alternative: skyn ICELAND Plumping Lip Gels
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    2. If You're Looking for a More Natural Alternative: skyn ICELAND Plumping Lip Gels

    Reviewed By: Kat S., Senior Content + SEO Manager
    First Impression: The gels have a sweet smell to them and actually go on very easily, more so than I was expecting. You just place and then smooth out any air bubbles and they stay put for the 10 minutes you’re supposed to leave them on, so no problems!
    Results After One Week: Though this didn’t volumize my lips to any large degree, my lips definitely felt tingly and plump—a little bit like after you go to the dentist, but this sensation was pleasant so don’t worry! All in all, it definitely felt like it was working. My lips felt soft and moisturized, too, which was great.
    The Verdict: I can see myself using this before an event or taking photos for an occasion. Otherwise, I’ll probably stick to my regular skin care and makeup routine. With that being said, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a shot of moisture and added softness to their lips.

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  3. 3. Best for Instant Results: PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

    Reviewed By: Ariana S., Email Marketing Manager
    First Impression: Initially, I was a little intimidated by the product. I’ve never used a device on my lip area, so I was anxious to see how it would improve the overall look of my lips. The product is easy to use and the suctioning of the device does cause mild discomfort, but no actual pain.
    Results After One Month: I’ve used lip-plumping products in the past and none were as effective as the PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System. The other products I used were topical and either dried out my lips or didn’t show any results after continued use. The device gave me a natural plump and the serum didn’t dry out my lips.
    The Verdict: I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for results without seeing a doctor. I loved using the PMD before applying lipstick as it gave me that extra volume I was looking for to complete my makeup look. It’s the perfect device to use before a big event! However, make sure you set some time aside time to use this in a private place as the noise of the device can be distracting to hear in public.

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  4. 4. Best for Dry Lips: SkinMedica HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System
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    4. Best for Dry Lips: SkinMedica HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System

    Reviewed By: Kaitlin W., Content + SEO Analyst
    First Impression: Each treatment requires you to twist the bottom until a little bit of product comes out the top. On the first use, I had to twist quite a few times before anything happened—at which point, I wondered how this product was going to last me for a whole month.
    Results After One Month: Once you dispense a little bit of serum, the product is easy (and painless) to apply. I did notice that my lips needed a bit of an adjustment period when I first started using this. For the first week, my lips felt drier than normal throughout the day, which made applying the product at night a little more difficult, since I wasn’t working with as smooth of a canvas. That being said, after that first week, I found myself needing less and less lip balm throughout the day, as my lips felt noticeably more hydrated in between uses.
    Now that a month has passed, I can definitely say I’m impressed. My lips don’t necessarily look bigger, but they definitely look healthier. I can easily tell that they look more hydrated and the lines are a little less noticeable than they were before.
    The Verdict:
    Because it has more of a glossy finish than I like, I’d probably only continue to use this once a day as an overnight treatment. But I do like the results I’ve gotten so far, so I would continue to use it regularly.

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  5. 5. Best for Everyday Use: Nurse Jamie NuLips RX Moisturizing Lip Balm + Exfoliating Brush
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    5. Best for Everyday Use: Nurse Jamie NuLips RX Moisturizing Lip Balm + Exfoliating Brush

    Reviewed by: Lily S., Affiliate Marketing Analyst
    First Impression: First and foremost, this product is very easy to use. I instinctively knew how to use it even without reading directions. I liked the look and feel of the silicone lip brush and loved that it’s anti-microbial.
    Results After One Week: Not only do my lips feel softer than ever, I also noticed a natural plumpness to my pout. I used to rely on bold lip colors to create a fuller-looking effect, but now all I have to do is apply the balm and exfoliate my lips to add an instant boost.
    The Verdict: If you’re looking for a low-maintenance product that can be used on the go and that works, I would definitely recommend this. The balm on its own is great to use during the day to keep your lips moisturized and the brush really adds some much-needed exfoliation—especially helpful if you have dry and cracked lips.

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