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Powder SPF: The Most Genius (& Convenient) Way to Protect Your Skin


Let’s be honest, sunscreens aren’t the most pleasant products to apply. We understand their importance and would never sacrifice our skin because of a dislike for texture, but we wouldn’t be the first to make note of their gooey, unbelievably thick and often overly oily consistency. Thankfully, this is where powder sunscreens come into play.

One of the leaders in powder SPF formulas is the dermatologist-recommended and mineral-based line Colorescience. According to aesthetic physician Doriana Cosgrove, MD, ease of application is key. “With Colorescience sunscreen, it’s an easy application with the brush versus dirty hands and reapplying creams.” Once you apply Colorescience’s formula you can just go outside too. “You don’t have to wait like you do with a chemical sunscreen,” added Cosgrove.

Janet Turkle, MD, board certified plastic surgeon, noted Colorescience’s texture and how it isn’t appealing to put a really thick lotion sunscreen on top of another thick lotion sunscreen. “That’s what’s so nice with a mineral powder base. It can be easily reapplied. There are very few sunscreens that you can actually apply and say, ‘Hey I look better!’” said Turkle.

But, you ask, how effective are powder sunscreens compared to other formulas? According to Jane Iredale, creator of the eponymous mineral makeup line, the effectiveness of powder sunscreens has never been in question.  “All sunscreens go through stringent laboratory tests, and our sunscreens are no different. They go through the same tests as oils, creams and lotions and always pass easily. A bigger question, I think, are people applying enough?” she says. Sunscreen protection always depends on how it is applied. What is haphazard is the dosage the consumer applies and reapplies. Be diligent and take charge of your own skin. Make sure you apply enough and reapply if you’ve been sweating or swimming.”

Want to discover the best powder SPF products DermStore has to offer? Here are some of our best, as picked by the Dermstore editors:

  1. Colorescience Sunforgettable® Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 30 (0.21 oz.)
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    Colorescience Sunforgettable® Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 30 (0.21 oz.)

    Formulated for the face and body, this self-dispensing, no-mess mineral powder sunscreen brush is perfect for décolletage, shoulders, legs or any part of your body that needs an extra layer of sun protection and sheer coverage. Featuring a dynamic blend of red seaweed extract, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, Colorescience Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Powder Brush SPF 50 is recommended by more than a thousand physicians and has won numerous accolades and recommendations from respected beauty publications for its ability to enhance your complexion and deliver excellent sun protection. Sweep brush over your face and body in circular strokes for instant complexion perfection!

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  2. Eminence Organic Skin Care Sun Defense Minerals 0.28 oz
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    Eminence Organic Skin Care Sun Defense Minerals 0.28 oz

    Provides a weightless veil of water-resistant SPF 22 sun protection. The finely milled mineral powder works two-fold to shield your complexion from UV rays and simultaneously absorb excess oil for a smooth, matte finish.

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  3. jane iredale Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen (5 g.)
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    jane iredale Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen (5 g.)

    A highly effective powder sunblock with an SPF rating of 30 (for UVB rays) and a rating of three stars (for UVA rays). Powder-Me SPF is ideal for use on the face and body, safe for all skin types and ages, comfortable to wear and immediately active.

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