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7 Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer, According to Hair Experts

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If there’s one thing past summer escapades have taught us, it’s that all that frolicking in the sun isn’t nearly as fun for our hair as it is for us. Rocking luscious beachy waves may be your hair goals this bikini season, but the sun may have other plans for your locks. Think dry, frizzy hair and an itchy and flaky scalp.

“Summer weather can be very rough on hair,” says Antoinette DeMattia of Parlor Blow Dry Bar. “High heat, humidity and exposure to sunlight can make even the healthiest tresses dry and mistreated. Even ocean and pool water can cause damage that could take weeks to remedy.”

“Just as your skin needs protection from the sun, so does your hair. In the very humid months, the hair takes that humidity and begins to swell, causing the cuticle of the hair to break, and as a result—frizz,” adds celebrity hairstylist Dayna Goldstein.

To protect hair from the elements, locking in moisture and shielding it from the sun are key. Floppy hats and scarves not only make your vacay outfits Instagram-worthy, they also block UV rays that damage your hair and scalp. Another way to minimize damage while out in the sun is by checking the ingredients of the products you use. “Products with alcohol like gels will dry out your hair even more,” says Mari Reed, senior district leader for Supercuts in Tampa, Florida. “Instead, use creams, lotions and oils to get the texture and wave you’re looking for.”

Want more tips on how to summer-proof your tresses? Read on to find out what the hair experts are saying!

1. Start (and End) with a Trim

Chopping off a few centimeters of your hair at the start of summer lets you “get rid of split ends and refresh your style,” says Bernhards Ziverts, owner and master stylist of Matii Salon. A quick snip mid-season and at the end of the hot months also lets you control any damage your hair may have gotten and makes repair easier to handle.

  1. 2. Embrace Natural Styles 
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    2. Embrace Natural Styles 

    If the mercury is rising outside, now is the time to keep heat damage to a minimum. Embrace your natural hair texture and leave out harsh drying and styling tools – straighteners, curling irons and blow outs can strip hair in summer. Treat your locks to a weekly intensive masque to help protect and soften – we like Alterna My Hair My Canvas Cool Hydrations Nourishing Masque, which works in just 2-3 minutes and leaves hair supple, replenished and ultra soft. When it comes to style, get creative – up-dos and braids are chic and easy, whilst floppy hats and scarves add an extra something to your summer look. Why not go vintage with a wide brimmed straw hat or a silk scarf?

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  2. 3.  Keep Calm and Condition
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    3.  Keep Calm and Condition

    Proven to bring bounce back to dull, lifeless hair, Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging® Replenishing Moisture Shampoo is infused with Alterna’s Age-Control Complex® – harnessing the powers of caviar extract (rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) and vitamin C. Deeply hydrating and maximising shine, this ultra hydrating shampoo conditions hair from root to tip whilst protecting from color fade and environmental stresses. Clinically proven to improve shine, texture, softness and manageability after just one use – Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Conditioner for best results.

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  3. 4.  Care for Your Color
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    4.  Care for Your Color

    Getting your hair the color you want it to be takes time and money. Protect your investment with the Rita Hazan True Color Shampoo. Designed by master hair colorist Rita Hazan, this shampoo does everything you want your shampoo to do—it removes product build up, impurities and excess oil to leave your hair squeaky clean, soft and manageable, all while preserving your color and fortifying your strands.Botanical surfactants massage impurities out of your hair without stripping color or essential moisture. With each use your hair is left feeling weightless with natural body and bounce.

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  4. 5.  Soothe Your Scalp
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    5.  Soothe Your Scalp

    Sunday Riley Clean Rinse Clarifying Scalp Serum takes down product buildup and rehydrates a thirsty scalp. With exfoliating glycolic acid and salicylic acid to dissolve oil and product buildup, niacinamide to promote growth and rose clay to remove impurities, both hair and scalp are left healthier, shinier and stronger. Championing a gentle, micellar water base and uplifting jasmine essential oil, expect the cleanest, softest hair you’ve ever had – no salon required.

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  5. 6. Shield It from the Sun
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    6. Shield It from the Sun

    Hair exposed to harsh UV rays can show weakness and damage over time. Protective styles and accessories – wearing your hair up in a wrap or hat, or treating to a weekly masque – can help to minimise damage. For tresses that have had a bit too much sun, we like Leonor Greyl Huile de Leonor Greyl Shampoo Treatment to restore balance. Crafted from a blend of replenishing botanical oils, this silicone-free pre-wash hair oil boosts each strand with an intense hit of hydration, repairing UV damage and exposure to pollutants and chemicals found in seawater chlorinated pool water. Pour a dime size amount into hands and use your fingers to gently comb through dry midlengths and ends. Leave on for up to 10 minutes or all night for a deep conditioning treatment. Wash out with your usual shampoo/cleansing treatment.

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  6. 7.  End the Day with Some Hair TLC
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    7.  End the Day with Some Hair TLC

    GLOSS MODERNE Clean Luxury Masque (formerly High-Gloss Masque) revitalizes your hair with hydration for added shine and stronger strands. Infused with cocoa butter, this moisturizing hair mask hydrates and fortifies follicles to leave hair with a healthier appearance and lightweight, natural volume. Papaya extract moisturizes your scalp to deter dandruff and itching, too.

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