9 Natural Hair Care Brands You Haven’t Tried Yet (But Should)

BY Gracee Tolentino · March 7, 2017


From the food on your table to the creams you slather on your skin, nothing gets past your discerning eye without the word “natural” on their labels. The same rule applies to your hair care products—and for good reason: Natural hair care products feed and nourish your hair and scalp in a way that leaves them healthier longer. And because they don’t contain artificial colors, fragrances and synthetic preservatives that might damage your hair over time, your hair becomes less susceptible to damage and breakage.

But buyer, beware. The term “natural,” when applied to personal care products including hair care, doesn’t really have a clear, legal definition in the U.S. This means hair care brands can use this term profusely on their labels even if only .001% of its ingredients is actually derived from nature. So how to deal?

Don’t worry, we’ve done our homework. Below, beauty buyer Vanessa Foote curates her favorite natural hair care products and brands on Dermstore.com.


1. Alterna

Vanessa Recommends: Alterna Caviar Infinite Color Conditioner

“Alterna features a great line of hair care products. This is one of the newest products from Alterna, perfect for protecting your color, nourishing your strands and protecting your hair from UV damage.”


2. Captain Blankenship

Vanessa Recommends: Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Spray

“Captain Blankenship is my favorite indie brand!  They recently won the Indie Beauty Award for best Hair Care products.  You can’t go wrong with the Golden Waves Sea Salt Spray.  Not only does it give you natural beach waves, the natural golden shimmer helps your hair glisten!”


3. Klorane

Vanessa Recommends: Klorane Conditioner With Oat Milk

“Like many of Klorane’s products, this is a great daily conditioner!  It’s not too heavy, doesn’t weigh down my hair and enhances its natural shine!”


Vanessa Recommends: EVOLVh TotalControl Styling Crème

“This is perfectly lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down my hair, which happens all the time with other styling products!  The styling crème also helps tame my frizz, regardless if I’m enhancing my curls or keeping my hair straight!”

5. GLOSS Moderne

Vanessa recommends: GLOSS Modern High-Gloss Masque

“I love this mask!  This is my go-to product when my hair is feeling stressed and dry.  I use this and my hair  feels silky and smooth almost instantly after!”

6. Macadamia Professional

Vanessa Recommends: Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray

“An easy-to-use spray that helps to soften and nourish hair.  Not to mention, the one-ounce size makes it easy to throw into your purse for days when you’re on the go!”

7. Rahua

Vanessa Recommends: Rahua Shampoo

“My hair always feels so clean after using this shampoo! This should be a staple in every hair care regimen.”

8. Original Sprout

Vanessa Recommends: Original Sprout Miracle Detangler Spray

“This helps make combing my hair so easy!  Another great product to help alleviate flyaways as well!”

9. Briogeo

Vanessa Recommends: Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado Plus Quinoa Co-Wash

“Who doesn’t want more avocado in their lives? The avocado oil is essential to keeping my locks healthy and smooth.  An added benefit of having quinoa extract is the protection it provides against environmental pollutants.”

Gracee Tolentino

Gracee Tolentino is the managing editor of the Dermstore Blog. After spending 10 years of her writing and editing career working in the travel and food industries, she finally found her true calling: beauty, health and wellness. In her spare time ... Read More >

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