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20 Years In, Here’s What We Love About Dermstore

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Since our founding 20 years ago, our focus has always been to provide the highest-quality products and information to help guide you through your skin care journey. Whether you’re in the market for tried-and-true staples or hoping to discover a new favorite for your shelfie, we’re here for you. That commitment will never change… but our look has. We’re so proud to unveil this new look—it means a lot to us here at Dermstore HQ who have been obsessing over the logo, the design, the feel of it all.

To celebrate this momentand our unabashed love for skinwe asked some of our team members to share some of their favorite moments at Dermstore along with their can’t-live-without products (of course).

Rene, Director of Customer Experience 

Tell us about your favorite memory while working at Dermstore. 

During Pride month, I had the opportunity to share my personal story with everyone in the company, with the intention of inspiring others to always be the best version of themselves—no matter what. I will take with me the support and the amazingly positive reaction I got from every single one of the team members who were present that day.

What’s your can’t-live-without product from Dermstore?

EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser! I’ve tried to use others and I always end up going back to it ’cause it’s amazing!

Juniper, Creative Director 

Do you have a favorite memory while working here? 

My favorite moment was when I had a crazy idea for a problem solution campaign. With the help of the creative team, I was able to take my crazy paper idea into an artful execution. What started as a whiteboard idea ended up being one of the most beautiful (and successful) campaigns I’ve launched in my career. It was great to see the creative team so proud of their work.

Now, what’s your must-have product?

ONE?!?! Really? SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic.

Sophia, Social Media Strategist 

What do you love about Dermstore? 

I love working at Dermstore because it’s beyond just a job to me, but rather a lifestyle. Skin is such a unifying force and I’ve been able to take all that I’ve learned and use that to share, connect, educate and commiserate with new friends in and outside of “work.”

Share with us your favorite product. 

It’s incredibly tough to limit my holy-grail item to just one, but I have to say the Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant has changed my life. My skin has never been more smooth, supple and bright!

Josh, Manager of Graphic Design 

Tell us what you love about Dermstore. 

As a creative person, the thing I love about Dermstore is the freedom and ability to try new things. Being that we’re an e-commerce company, things are always changing and with those changes the creative has to be up to date with the industry. So to work for a company that strives to stay up to date is truly what I love the most.

And your holy-grail product? 

I live for the Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Mask. It has done wonders for my skin!

Ashley, Senior Buyer 

Favorite memory while working at Dermstore. 

Too many to fit here, but some that top my list are meeting with industry visionaries including brand founders Sunday Riley, Boldijarre Koronczay, Karen Behnke and Barbara Close. Watching my team continuously kick butt, especially while presenting our assortment strategies during Market Week in NYC. Also, leading the renovation of our Facial Spa and Shop (come visit us in Hermosa Beach!) and speaking on CEW’s Indie Beauty panel!

Favorite product from Dermstore. 

I have so many favorites, so it’s hard to pick just ONE! Right now I’m obsessing over the Naturopathica Aloe Cleansing Gel.

Sam, Director of HR

Why are you proud to work here? 

We are a small organization and we are mighty—I love that we care deeply about what we do and are looking to disrupt the skin care and beauty industry!

What’s your can’t-live-without product? 

If I had to pick just one, it would be the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo.

Senior Editor at Dermstore

Annie Ryu

Annie is a Senior Editor at Dermstore. When she’s not writing about the latest breakthroughs in skin care or interviewing industry experts on their best beauty tips, she likes to indulge in good coffee and bad reality TV.