Why Your Skin Could Use a Cleansing Oil Even If You Have Oily Skin

BY Gracee Tolentino · June 1, 2015

If you’ve been battling excess oil, clogged pores and frequent acne flare-ups for a long time, you’re probably recoiling at the mere thought of cleansing your face with oil. But here’s something we’ve learned from skin care experts: Our skin produces oil because it needs it. It lubricates, heals and protects our skin. And each time we strip the oil away from our skin with our traditional cleansers, our skin overcompensates by producing even more oil. And we know what happens when excess oil gets mixed up with bacteria and other skin impurities—our pores get all clogged and inflamed. So how do we cleanse our skin without disrupting our skin’s moisture balance? Simple: We fight oil with oil!

“Water-based cleansers aren’t as effective at removing oil-based debris like sebum and makeup as oil is,” says cosmetic acupuncturist and herbalist Kathleen Funk. “Oil is a gentle way to thoroughly cleanse your skin without having to scrub harshly or strip it of its natural oils. If you’ve heard of the Asian ritual of double cleansing, cleansing with oil is actually the first step.”

Ready to give cleansing oils a shot? Here’s a video on how to use cleansing oils to thoroughly remove makeup, oil and dirt. Plus, don’t forget to check out our top cleansing oils below.


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Gracee Tolentino

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