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Meet the Wellness-Focused Brand That’s Redefining Supplements

Supplements from The Nue Co.

Getting healthy, glowing skin isn’t just a surface-level concern—it’s a whole body affair. Research has found that what’s going on in your gut is often reflected on your complexion, for better or for worse. No wonder more and more of us are adding supplements to our beauty routines.

Introducing The Nue Co.

You could say Jules Miller founded The Nue Co. based on a gut feeling. The line of science-backed supplements made with natural and organic ingredients came about as a result of her own health struggles. “When I was in my mid-twenties I developed really bad IBS—I ended up being hospitalized a few times, and I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. I was taking endless supplements to help deal with my bloating and cramps, which actually made them worse,” she says.

Her experience led her to probe deeper into the world of wellness pills and powders. “After I spoke with my grandfather, who spent the majority of his life as a pharmacist, I started to look into what was in the vitamins I was taking. I discovered many were full of chemicals, fillers and other unnecessary ingredients. He provided the insight that led me to develop our whole product philosophy, which is to develop highly absorbable supplements that stem from a need. That’s why our line includes Debloat Food + Prebiotic that instantly reduces bloating when you feel like you’ve swallowed a balloon, or Nootro-Focus that gets you in the zone and helps you focus on a task to meet your deadline.”

Top-Selling Supplements to Try

Ready to give the brand a try? We’ve put together a cheat sheet to The Nue Co.’s bestselling wellness formulas:

  1. Prebiotic + Probiotic
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    Prebiotic + Probiotic

    An out-of-whack microbiome can cause a host of digestive issues, but these time-delay capsules can help your gut find long-term balance. In this formula, “the probiotic we have used has been specifically researched for those who suffer from IBS,” says Miller. “Rather than live bacteria (which usually die in transit and digestion), our formula is a spore-forming complex which is activated in the small intestine. Our capsule has a delayed response technology, meaning it breaks down in your small intestine rather than your stomach.” And because gut health has been found to affect the look of skin, this supplement boasts a bonus complexion-improving effect, too.

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  2. Nootro-Focus
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    Your daily cold brew’s got nothing on this brainpower-boosting supplement. Made with natural psychostimulants and patented ingredient technology, it works to sharpen focus and mental clarity with both immediate and long-term effects. Within six weeks, the ingredients in the formula have been clinically proven to increase the production of crucial “brain fuel” ATP (adenosine triphosphate) by 13.6%, and increase the formation of brain cell membranes by 26%. Now that’s a smart habit.

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  3. Functional Fragrance
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    Functional Fragrance

    Outdoorsy notes of palo santo, green cardamom and cedarwood don’t just smell amazing (think clean, woody, spicy and smoky)—they actually help you destress, too. To develop this fragrance, the brand looked at research from the Brain & Behavior Laboratory at the University of Geneva that mapped how certain scent groups affect the brain. In a consumer study, 89% of people felt calmer, more composed and less stressed within thirty minutes of spritzing on this blend.

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  4. Debloat Food + Prebiotic
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    Debloat Food + Prebiotic

    It’s not always possible to avoid an upset stomach (or one too many slices of pizza), but with this quick-acting, bloat-busting supplement, you can find sweet relief. Anti-inflammatory ingredients and natural digestive enzymes help alleviate discomfort and bloating, while prebiotic fiber feeds your gut’s good bacteria for long-term effects. Mix a teaspoon of this powder into almond milk, a smoothie or a latte for a good-for-you treat.

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