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How to Pick the Right Supplements for Your Beauty Concerns

When you’re cleaning up your diet, one of your first moves is to cut out overly processed food that doesn’t offer nutritional value and replace it with vitamin-rich veggies and fruits. In addition to making a big impact on your gut (and ahem, waistline), the type of nutrients you digest also plays a factor in your skin health.

When you lack certain supplements and vitamins, your body and face can show it, according to Dr. Papri Sarkar, a board-certified dermatologist in Brookline, M.A., “Vitamins are organic compounds that are necessary for normal growth and nutrition that our bodies can’t make themselves. If you don’t ingest or absorb them accordingly, you’ll be deficient and might be faced with unpleasant symptoms like brittle nails and even hair loss.”

The good news? Supplements within the beauty industry have gained popularity with lots of options to choose from, so you can create a customized beauty routine from the inside out. Meant as an additional step in your skin care regimen, these supplements are like serums for your insides and are packed with beauty-enhancing ingredients that can help alleviate inflammation, reduce acne breakouts and even minimize fine lines. However, popping a pill and expecting instant results isn’t the right mindset to have. After all, as with regular vitamins that target various internal rhythms within our bodies, supplements are meant to elevate our beauty routines. Without further ado, here are the best supplements for your top beauty concerns.

  1. Breakouts:
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    Your skin is like a mirror showing what’s going on inside your body. And while there are many reasons for irritation and breakouts—including diet and hormones—balancing the skin can benefit your overall appearance. Formulated with breakout-prone skin in mind, this beauty supplement includes plant-based ingredients and botanicals to reduce oil production and minimize inflammation.

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  2. Dark Spots or Pigmentation:
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    Dark Spots or Pigmentation:

    If you’re on the hunt for an anti-aging beauty supplement, here’s your winner! Its blend of skin-enhancing ingredients includes SkinAx®, which can reduce the look of blemishes by 21% with regular use in 60 days. It also taps Camu Camu’s impressive vitamin-C-and-flavonoid antioxidant properties to promote radiant skin and protect against dark spot–causing free radical damage, as well as pine-bark extract for a dose of skin-quenching hydration, helping the complexion appear more supple and radiant.

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  3. Brittle Hair and Nails:
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    Brittle Hair and Nails:

    Beauty vitamins are popular for a reason—they can create the ultimate environment for hair to flourish, nails to strengthen and skin to radiate. And these beauty gummies are no exception. Featuring a blend of biotin and folic acid, this supplement can help maintain the appearance of and encourage healthy hair, skin and nails. It also boasts a berry blend that helps target beauty-damaging free radicals, which can have an impact not just on the complexion, but your hair and nails, too.

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  4. Dryness:
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    The discomfort and dullness that come with dry skin can be frustrating. And while creams and oils can help ward off dryness, nourishing your complexion from the inside out can really enhance your dehydrated skin care regimen. In addition to drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and veggies that quench the skin, adding a hydration-focused beauty vitamin can do wonders for your complexion. Think of this formula like spa water in a capsule. It features bio-fermented coconut and cucumber water to nourish your body, magnesium for balancing electrolytes and hydrating on a cellular level to replenish the complexion and trace minerals for a boost of hydration.

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