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Discover Your New Signature Scent: Our Top-Rated Perfumes

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With a single spritz of the right perfume, you can add an extra dose of your personality to every interaction. For decades, men and women have been using fragrances. Why? With the right smelling perfume or cologne, you can actually increase your confidence and attractiveness.

Finding the right fragrance can be difficult—are you more of a floral, woodsy or citrus gal? There are nearly endless combinations of scents, making the search for the perfect fragrance even harder. While it’s not possible to sample each smell when shopping online, we’ve found that the reviews section is a good reference point. These 10 unique fragrances are among Dermstore shoppers’ favorite perfumes. Your new signature scent could be on this list!

  1. 1. Tocca Beauty: Stella

    Fragrance Notes: Citrus
    About the Perfume: Tocca Beauty’s Stella exudes femininity without being too overbearing. The sweet, blood-orange scent is cut with spicy lily with bottom notes of diamond orchids that create a delicate aroma that will transport you to another time.
    Reviews Say: “Stella is my favorite fragrance of Tocca scents. I don’t prefer floral fragrances, so the slightly spicy/woodsy notes in this are perfect for me.”
    Also available in travel size and rollerball, as a body scrub, body wash, fragrance reed diffuser, hand soap, bar soap and candle.

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  2. 2. TokyoMilk Dark: Tainted Love No. 62

    Fragrance Notes: Rich
    About the Perfume: TokyoMilk Dark has created the perfect blend of what men and women want in a scent. This women’s perfume starts with rich vanilla bean and is followed by the light floral aromas of white tea and orchid. Cut with a hint of sandalwood, this perfume boasts a sensuous musk.
    Reviews Say: “Lasting, but not too strong. I just love the smell of this, like a cookie, or a warm blanket. It’s actually more of a warm vanilla/amber scent…feminine, but not floral, cloying or artificial.”
    Also available as a soy wax candle.

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  3. 3. Booty Parlor: Flirty Little Secret

    Fragrance Notes: Floral
    About the Perfume: Don’t let the name fool you—this perfume possesses a light, mature scent that is almost candy-like. Rather than being made with an alcohol base like most perfumes, this roll-on scent from Booty Parlor is made with jojoba oil, so it won’t irritate your skin. With the roll-on applicator, you can easily apply on the neck, wrists or behind the ears. The subtle notes of plums, raspberries, cedar and jasmine create an irresistible scent packed with pheromones that will leave you feeling more confident and in touch with your feminine side.
    Reviews Say: “Love the subtle scent and the convenient roller tube it is packaged in. Fits very well into my small clutch.”
    Also available as a firming cream, bronzing cream, body butter and body scrub.

  4. 4. Pacifica: Persian Rose

    Fragrance Notes: Floral, Fruity
    About the Perfume: This fragrance is elegant in many ways—crafted from all natural and vegan ingredients, made with a rich blend of essential oils, and boasts delicate, floral and fruity notes that last throughout the day. Inspired by the sultry atmosphere of Arabian Nights, this on-the-go perfume has an ancient and mysterious blend perfect for any wanderlust woman.
    Reviews Say: “I purchased this scent for my own aromatherapy. Beautiful scent of a rose cleans our aura. Received so many compliments.”
    Also available as a roll on.

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  5. 5. Gucci: Gucci by Gucci

    Fragrance Notes: Floral
    About the Perfume: Gucci is known for creating all things luxurious, and this scent is no different. With rich, floral tones, notes of pear and a chamomile base, this calming scent appeals to the luxurious side of you. Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum is finished with a subtle hint of patchouli, an aromatic oil from Southeast Asia, balancing the light scents with the perfect amount of musk.
    Reviews Say: “LOVE the scent and feel elegant when I wear Gucci by Gucci. I never want to run out of my Gucci by Gucci.”

  6. 6. Library of Flowers: Linden

    Fragrance Notes: Floral
    About the Perfume: Library of Flowers is just that—a library of flowers in a bottle. This perfume from Linden Eau de Parfum possesses strong floral notes without being too overbearing. The floral blend is cut with calming clover honey creating a light and bright fragrance, perfect for spring.
    Reviews Say: “This smells like its description: a bouquet of flowers (that actually smell nice.) Definitely a daytime spring fragrance. The packaging is so pretty. It comes in a wooden box (no [wooden] cover) that you can reuse.”
    Also available as a perfume cream, bath oil, hand cream, shower gel, bar soap and candle.

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  7. 7. Prim Botanicals: Mademoiselle Swell

    Fragrance Notes: Fresh
    About the Perfume: This is another good-for-all perfume. The light and bright scents of Prim Botanicals’ Mademoiselle Swell is crafted with an organic coconut oil base, plant-derived extracts, ethically sourced essential oils and scents that are phthalate, paraben and sulfate free. What more could you want in a perfume?
    Reviews Say: “It’s a very floral scent without being overpowering. I used to only use parfum but since it’s alcohol the scent dissipates quickly unless you spray a lot, and then you end up spraying too much and I’m not the type who likes my perfume announce my presence in a room before I get in there. I hate people who have strong cologne, since not everyone likes your scent and it can be too much. That’s why I’ve switched to oils. It lasts a long time, isn’t overpowering, and you won’t use too much of it. I put it on my pulse points (wrists, back of neck, earlobe) and it’s great and lasts for hours. Only people close to me smell it. And I love this scent!”

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  8. 8. LAVANILA: Pure Vanilla

    Fragrance Notes: Warm
    About the Perfume: Floral fragrances are synonymous with femininity. LAVANILA puts that standard to the test. Their Pure Vanilla scent is made with strong notes of warm and comforting vanilla bean. Blended with goji berry and Kakadu plum, this unique fragrance creates a serene scent that will keep you calm throughout the day.
    Reviews Say: “It’s vanilla but better. I dislike girly-girl fragrances, but can see how people from both sides will love this. It’s like slipping into your most favorite, soft, yummy, warm, caressing robe (or whatever you like). It lasts all day and I have a sample from at least ten years ago that smells even better than when it was first opened. It’s one of those rare perfect gems.”
    Also available as a roller ball, deodorant and mini roller ball.

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  9. 9. Juliette Has a Gun: Not a Perfume

    Fragrance Notes: Woodsy
    About the Perfume: Can’t wear perfume because of your allergies? Juliette Has a Gun has created the Not a Perfume fragrance for women just like you. Made with a unique molecular composition, this sensual fragrance is free of all allergens. The heady, intoxicating aroma is soft but packs a lovely, alluring punch.
    Reviews Say: “This perfume is wonderful for people with perfume allergies. I can wear it without irritating my own allergies or those of others in my office. The fragrance is amazing. I am constantly asked by others what the perfume is that I’m wearing – and love to tell them “It’s Not A Perfume!””

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  10. 10. Zents: Sun
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    10. Zents: Sun

    Fragrance Notes: Fresh
    About the Perfume: Want year-round summer? Who doesn’t? Sun Eau de Toilette from Zents is packed with classic summertime aromas, such as pink grapefruit and sweet blood orange. The light and fresh flavors in this fragrance are welcomed by the warmth of sandalwood and vanilla to create a scent as colorful as a summer sunset.
    Reviews Say: “Zents Sun is a signature fragrance: thoroughly unique and downright magical! Brings travel memories of exotic places to mind! Can’t tell you how many times total strangers have stopped, approached, and said, ‘What ARE you wearing? It’s wonderful!'”
    Also available as a roll on, hand and body cream, body lotion and body oil.

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