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How to Tame Frizzy Hair Like a Pro

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There are those who are born with naturally sleek, smooth and brilliant hair…and then there’s the rest of us. When the first drop of rain sprinkles from the sky, when humidity reaches an all-time high and when the season of ski and slope arrives—your hair is wildly unmanageable and frizz-tastic. While many people scour the shelves for the best products to reduce scrunchy, unpredictable strands that go haywire, the solution is actually found not only in the right formula but in styling habits that can decrease common causes. Luckily, leading hair experts have managed to tame even the most rebellious of hair types and have some helpful strategies that really make a difference. Here’s the scoop.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Beauty expert Colleen Camp explains that there are a slew of reasons that hair is subjected to frizz. One of the leading reasons—unsurprisingly—is high humidity. Our hair tends to frizz when we walk into this type of weather, due to an uptick in moisture in the air. After meticulously styling your hair into a sleek look, the high-humidity environment causes your cuticle layer to rise, sending you straight back to your all-natural look, pre-straightener.

You might want to call yourself goldilocks since Camp shares on the other end of the spectrum that low-humidity also can cause a frizzy look. How come? She notes that desert climates can wreak havoc on your style since air with little to no innate moisture induces static electricity, creating manic hair.

How you touch your hair can also have an impact on how frizzy it is since Camp explains that styling or drying your hair the wrong way can create unwanted texture. To ward off this type of human error—and try to fight against Mother Nature—smart and effective routines can change the discipline of your locks. Follow along to learn about the best tips and products to lead you toward shiny and silky hair.

How to Tame and Prevent Frizzy Hair

  1. 1. Go lightweight with shampoo and conditioner.
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    1. Go lightweight with shampoo and conditioner.

    Though experts like colorist and entrepreneur Kacey Welch warn against overdoing it on the scrub-and-rinse cycle, to get the sand and sweat out of your tresses, you have to give your strands a bit of a wash sometimes. You can set your locks up for smooth success by choosing a lightweight formula and “avoid shampoos that have sulfates, as these will dry out your hair,” she explains.
    For a frizz-fighting cleanser, consider this shampoo and conditioner duo from Alterna. Ideal for medium-to-thick hair, this paraben- and sulfate-free formula protects your strands from humidity, frizz and whatever else is responsible for your bad hair day.

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  2. 2. Switch to a micro-fiber hair towel.
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    2. Switch to a micro-fiber hair towel.

    Think about your after-shower routine. What do you do first? Likely you soak up any water on your skin with a towel and then scrub away at your hair until it isn’t dripping wet. This is a no-no, according to Camp. She explains that regular cotton towels can contribute to frizziness since they act like velcro to the hair. Or as she puts it: “Remember, if it’s frizzy wet, it will be frizzy dry.” Instead, she suggests a micro-fiber towel that is gentle on static-sensitive strands.
    To upgrade your usual towel, try the Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban. Made of ultra-absorbent material, this lightweight turban dries your hair faster without causing frizz.

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  3. 3. Use a conditioning hair mask.
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    3. Use a conditioning hair mask.

    According to hair pro Gregg Giannillo, the proof of a conditioning treatment isn’t just found in the pudding, but rather, the frequency. Since sometimes frizz can be caused by dehydration, your goal with your conditioner is to add more moisture. “The best way to do this is through a series of treatments that will penetrate the hair shaft, keeping it moisturized all the time,” he explains. Along with your daily conditioner, he recommends a weekly deep conditioner for optimal results.
    One of the leading products that will leave your hair luxe to the touch is miriam quevedo’s Extreme Caviar Intensive Anti-Aging Luxe Masque. Enriched with a deep conditioning formula, it wakes up dull, processed hair. Perfect for color-treated hair, this caviar-infused treatment restores health and vitality to tired, damaged tresses. Simply apply once a week and watch your hair transform into a golden luster.

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  4. 4. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.
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    4. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

    When was the last time you gave your pillow a glance? Or rather, when have you thought about the type of fabric you choose for your pillowcase? If you want to avoid a frizz-tastic look, artistic director at Marc Anthony True Professional, Marilisa Sears says it’s time to go silk. “Bed head is the dance of hydrogen atoms and keratin getting tangled up in your sleep. Certain pillowcase fabrics like cotton can ‘catch’ your hair strands leaving it frizzy in the morning,” she continues. “However, silk pillowcases help to keep hair from knotting and are less likely to absorb your hair’s moisture,” she adds.
    If you want to avoid pillow-induced frizz and breakage, one way to solve this is by using the pure silk pillowcase by slip. Crafted with the highest-grade mulberry silk, this crease-resistant pillowcase helps to reduce skin and hair friction.

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  5. 5. Use hair tools sparingly.
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    5. Use hair tools sparingly.

    Hair expert and entrepreneur Crystal Frehner recommends being mindful of how often you’re applying heat to your hair. Regular use of these products—from hair dryers to flat irons—can create static buildup in your hair, which makes it more likely to unveil frizz symptoms. Instead, she recommends a routine that allows you to use these only a few times a week. “When I curl my hair, I tend to go for more of a looser beach wave look the next day just by brushing the curls out from the day before and adding a good texturizing spray,” she continues. “I also suggest peppering in cute ponytails and braided styles to give your hair a break from the heat tools while still maintaining a fresh, trendy look,” she adds.
    When you do use your heat tools, Frehner says to keep the low setting on and invest in a lightweight hair dryer that’s made to lock in shine. For a blow dryer that is different from the rest, try Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer. Its unique ion technology sets your hairstyle and lowers the amount of frizz in your strands, too. Plus, it features whisper-soft technology and a motor speed of 94 miles per hour to ensure that it dries your hair quickly without waking up your neighbors.

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  6. 6. Always use a heat protectant oil.
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    6. Always use a heat protectant oil.

    If you intend to blow dry your hair, curl the ends or straighten throughout, Brown stresses the importance of using a heat protectant spray or oil before you push “on.” “This helps protect your hair from over drying or styling while adding moisture into your hair,” she shares. Without this layer of protection, your hair is more likely to fray at the ends.
    Try this salon-professional favorite that gives you an upper hand with frizz: Briogeo’s Farewell Frizz Rosehip Argan Coconut Oil Blend. You can say goodbye to dry, damaged hair with this moisturizing blend of argan, rosehip and coconut oil (the ultimate trifecta of hair care, if you will). Evenly distribute a few drops of this frizz-fighting oil to lock in moisture and give your locks a silky, smooth shine while protecting your hair from future damage.

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  7. 7. Consider using hair-smoothing products.
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    7. Consider using hair-smoothing products.

    The next time you step out of your shower and towel off (using a microfiber wonder, of course), don’t forget another important step in your anti-frizz mission: hair-smoothing products. As master colorist at Eddie Arthur Salon, Stephanie Brown explains, a few spritzes of conditioning and hydrating formulas can make a huge difference in the texture and obedience of your locks.
    Doubling as a leave-in conditioner and a moisture-locking cream, a dime-size application of R+Co’s High Dive Moisture Shine Creme goes a long way. Made with sunflower seed extract, vitamin E, vitamin B5 and argan oil, all of these work together to enrich and add manageability to your strands. Run a pea-size amount of this vitamin-rich cream through towel-dried hair to fight frizz and amp up the shine.

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  8. 8. Go easy on silicone.
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    8. Go easy on silicone.

    Silicone is one of the most common ingredients among products designed to leave your skin with a glossy sheen, but Camp warns against using too much of this common ingredient. “Small amounts of silicone in a styling serum can help tame frizz during the blow-out process. However, serums with large amounts of silicone and devoid of moisturizing ingredients can create a temporarily smooth look that over time may create more frizz rather than prevent it,” she explains.
    While a little bit of silicone is okay, look for products that also feature ingredients that protect and moisturize hair, like Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray. This lightweight hair serum works from the outside in: Once it’s sprayed liberally before blow drying, it seals hair strands to protect against humidity without weighing it down. Even after shampooing, your hair will continue to ward off humidity and frizz with its raincoat-like abilities for up to three days.

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  9. 9. Choose humidity-fighting products.
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    9. Choose humidity-fighting products.

    If your hair is prone to major frizz, you know what it’s like to spend an hour fixing up your locks, only to walk outside and waste all of the effort. This is usually followed by a little unfriendly thing called “humidity.” As hairstylist and makeup artist, Jules Annen explains, dehydrated hair causes frizzy hair and when the weather already has a lack of moisture, you’ll see an uptick in the crazy-hair look. She suggests opting for any sort of product that is made to fight against environmental damage like Oribe’s Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray.
    As the ultimate frizz-hair companion, this lightweight hairspray adds volume to any blowout or curly hairstyle while shielding it from humidity. Safe for color and keratin-treated hair, this product can be used two different ways: Spray before you style for texture and hold or after finishing hair to fight frizz and lock in style.

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