11 Multitasking Beauty Products Every (Lazy) Girl Should Own

BY Lindsay Tigar · August 22, 2017

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While your best friend might dabble with every last beauty product ever created, you might have a far less dramatic approach to your skin care regimen. In other words, you probably forget to wash your face at night, barely apply moisturizer before heading out the door and always let your hair air-dry post-shower.

Everyone has their own approach to beauty and if you’re more of a natural gal than the type who enjoys practicing winged eyeliner via YouTube videos, you probably prefer the more hands-off approach to getting ready in the morning.

Being low-maintenance isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re going to be a tad lazy when taking care of your skin, you want to pick multitasking beauty products that get the job done, without much effort.

Here are the easiest ways to make sure you’re keeping your skin clean and healthy:

1. Makeup Removing Wipes

You know you’re “supposed” to clean your face every night before you go to bed, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered. Instead of guilting yourself to splash water and cleanser on your face, keep a pack of Honest Beauty’s Refreshingly Clean Makeup Remover Wipes on your nightstand so you can at least attempt to rid of the day’s cat-eye before shut-eye.

2. Dry Shampoo

While it’s true you’re not supposed to wash your hair daily because it prevents it from producing healthy oils and nutrients, going a full week without a deep cleanse? Probably not the best for your locks. Instead of keeping up with a shampooing schedule, invest in a dry version like this one from One Love Organics that will keep oil out, leaving you with fresh-looking hair, no matter what.

3. Multi-tasking Toner

You’ve heard of the 10-step nighttime beauty routine, right, but who has time for that? Not you, so invest in a product that gives you all the pre-sleep skin care you need without wasting time that could be spent sleeping (or binge-watching TV). This Cleansing Gel from HydroPeptide does exactly that: it cleanses, tones and removes makeup while promoting a more youthful complexion.

4. Eye Cheek and Lip Color

Being low-maintenance about everything means your makeup tricks haven’t really evolved since high school. While that’s totally fine, you might want to at least try the latest trend in eye, cheek and lip color. Instead of separate buys, many products like RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek – Smile combines all three, so you only have to lug around one for a mid-day touchup.

5. Overnight Skin Rescue

For acne-fighting and deep-cleansing treatments, your dermatologist might recommend three different products. While you want to do what’s best for your pores, you also can’t be bothered to work triple-duty, all the time. Instead, give Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial by Korres a whirl. This skin-rescue treatment will give you what you need without all the fuss, while you’re sleeping.

6. Deodorant Wipes

It’s a productive day when you manage to head out your door with your phone, wallet and your keys intact. It’s not that you’re forgetful, it’s that your to-do list is always on spin-cycle in your brain. To save yourself the face-palm realization that you forgot to put on deodorant (again), carry a few of DERMAdoctor’s MED e TATE Antiperspirant Wipes. Small enough for your purse, gym bag or even a happy hour clutch, you won’t have to put extra thought into your morning routine when you’re fully stocked with these convenient, odor-fighting wipes.

7. Exfoliating Socks

If the very thought of booking an appointment and spending two hours in the nail salon feels like a waste of time, let this pair of socks do the work for you. Wear these exfoliating socks from Baby Foot and watch as your rough, dry and dead skin cells peel away in just a few days—without doing anything else. Don’t believe us? We tried it, here’s what we think.

8. Rotating Foundation Brush

It’s not that you don’t want to get super-glam for your girls night out on the town, it’s that putting on foundation, blush, eyeliner, bronzer and lipstick is just… So. Much. Work. What if there was a magical brush that could do the tough task of blending for you? Good news: There is! The Rotating Foundation Brush by blendSMART spins at 190 RPM to take your makeup application from 30 minutes to 10 in just a click of a button.

9. Teeth Whitening Pen or Gum

Ever attempted to read the instructions for at-home teeth-whitening kits only to get to the second paragraph and your eyes roll back into your head? After all, who has time to put in all that effort for a lighter shade of chompers? For a quicker way to yield the same results, consider Dr. Brite’s Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen or Professional Whitening Gum by Supersmile that will clean the yellow from your teeth while you’re responding to emails, driving or attempting to catch up on Game of Thrones.

10. Automatic Hair Curler

No matter how many times your hairstylist explains in detail how to achieve the perfect beach waves at home, every time you give it a whirl, it looks less than professional. For beach waves that don’t burn your fingers, consider the Beachwaver Pro by The Beachwaver Co., which automatically rolls up your hair for you! Genius? We think so.

11. Overnight Tan

It’s a few days before you have to stand up in front of a crowd to support your best friend on her wedding day and that shade of pink she selected for the bridesmaid gown doesn’t quite match your pale skin. But a quick glance at your schedule looks a lot like back-to-back meetings, progress reports and conference calls, all of which you can’t skip out on to get a spray tan. To the rescue: this overnight Sleep Mask Tan Face by James Read Tan will have you looking sun-kissed when your alarm clock goes off.

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