How to Pick the Right Toner From Eminence Organics

Jude Herrera, International Trainer at Eminence Organic Skin Care, stopped by the Dermstore offices to talk about why Eminence Organics toners are a great addition to your organic skin care routine.

Dermstore: Let’s start at the beginning. What is a toner?

Jude Herrera: A toner is a corrective and protective liquid applied to the skin either alone or paired with another product to offer more in-depth ingredient coverage and penetration. They can also be used for a lot of things. They can be used on their own throughout the day to hydrate skin, soothe irritated dry skin, or to set your makeup.

D: What makes Eminence Organics toners different?

JH: Eminence Organics toners—or toniques—are very special, and they are all unique. Each Eminence Organics toner has a specific attribute and features ingredients that target a specific concern. Stone Crop Hydrating Mist, for example, is formulated with nutrient-rich stone crop juice, which is great for normal and combination skin. Lime Refresh Tonique minimizes large pores and is a great natural toner for oily skin. Neroli Age Corrective Tonique softens and soothes dry skin, while fighting the visible signs of aging. Aside from these benefits, Eminence Organics toners are designed to prep your skin and enhance the efficacy of Eminence’s other products. What’s more, all Eminence toners are alcohol-free so they don’t dry out the skin.

D: How should we use Eminence Organics toniques for best results?

JH: Just like every Eminence Organics product, a little goes a long way. You don’t need to use much product to receive optimal results. Simply spritz your favorite Eminence Organics toner on your face and enjoy organic goodness that only Mother Nature can provide.