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8 Face-Grade Body Products That Pamper and Nourish Your Skin

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For some of us, our carefully curated skin care regimen often only involves our face and ends on our neck and chest. The rest of our body is typically relegated to the first body wash or lotion we get our hands on as we rush past the body care aisle. Aside from the fact that we don’t often give moisturizing our arms or feet serious thought, part of the reason is that for the longest time, the most accessible body care products did not always reflect the kind of ingredients that our skin needs.

“The skin on our body also shows signs of aging, but the solutions available on the market are limited,” says skin care expert and beauty chemist David Pollock. But not anymore. These days, ingredients (particularly the anti-aging kind, like retinol and hyaluronic acid) and products like serums, masks and moisturizers, which are traditionally only used for the face, are starting to find their way into body products. Perhaps this is a result of the ever-growing movement that steers consumers to a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. And to this, we say: It’s about time.

Why Your Body Skin Needs the Same Care as Your Face

It’s a common misconception that only our face and décolletage need a heaping dose of TLC. But the truth is, our body skin—much like our face—is constantly exposed to the same environmental aggressors (like UV radiation and pollution) that deteriorate barrier functions and speed up aging, says Brittany Buhalog, MD, chief dermatology resident at University of Wisconsin-Madison. As such, our body skin frequently deals with the same problems that affect our face—dryness, clogged pores, pigmentation and aging, to name a few.

More often than not, our usual soap or body wash routine hardly counts as proper skin care for the body. “The same principles apply to the skin on the body as those that apply to the face. It’s important to cleanse the skin to remove dirt and impurities that can clog pores or dull skin,” says Pollock. “For specific concerns, you will benefit from a targeted solution or even a body serum—in the same way that the skin on your face can benefit from it,” he adds.

How to Choose Body Care Products

Choosing the best body care products is no different from picking out your face serum or moisturizer. “Look for targeted solutions that fit your needs,” says Pollock, and keep an eye out for active ingredients that address specific concerns. Buhalog echoes this and adds, “When considering products to use on the body, just extrapolate from what you would use on your face. The skin on the body still deserves a gentle cleanser (nothing too harsh or perfumed, which tends to be drying and irritating), moisturizer (which helps maintain proper barrier function of the skin), treatment product (if you’ve got concerns such as dyspigmentation or crepey skin) and sunscreen.” And if you’ve been using a bar of soap as part of your body cleansing routine, Pollock says stop. “The pH of bars of soap is very high, while your skin is actually acidic. I would recommend using a liquid body wash, instead,” he adds.

Ready to give your body the skin care routine it rightfully deserves? Read on to find out our top picks for face-grade body care products ahead.

  1. 1. SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate
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    1. SkinCeuticals Body Tightening Concentrate

    Whether it’s due to aging or weight loss, sagging skin can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Fortunately, this body treatment lotion is infused with time- and gravity-fighting ingredients that lift, firm and tighten commonly affected areas like the abdomen, buttocks, knees and thighs. Featuring 2 percent hydrolyzed rice protein, 2.5 percent tripeptide and 5 percent yeast extract, this body lotion supports and enhances your skin’s structure and provides an instant cooling effect, leaving you with smoother, tighter-looking skin.

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  2. 2. iS Clinical Body Complex
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    2. iS Clinical Body Complex

    One look at the Body Complex’s ingredients and you know it’s an anti-aging and antioxidant powerhouse. Featuring vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, green tea and retinol, this hydrating complex encourages natural exfoliation, boosts cell regeneration and protects the skin from free radical damage. Its potent yet gentle formula also makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

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  3. 3. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body
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    3. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body

    A “healthy tan” is no longer a myth with this set of pre-soaked self-tanning towelettes. Featuring lactic, glycolic and malic acids, vitamins A, C and E and panthenol, these exfoliating pads deliver a natural-looking glow while reducing blackheads, roughness and acne marks.

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  4. 4. Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream
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    4. Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream

    This body cream breathes new life into dull and lifeless skin. Infused with ceramides and salicylic acid, it improves the skin’s barrier system, boosts hydration and helps slough away dead skin cells, leaving you with clearer and smoother skin from head to toe.

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  5. 5. Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion
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    5. Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Lotion

    This ultra-nourishing gel body lotion is rated five stars by Dermstore shoppers for a reason. Featuring provitamin B5, aloe vera and vitamin E, it firms and purifies skin, boosts its natural moisture and helps soothe inflammation. Plus, its naturally fragrant citrus scent refreshes both your skin and senses!

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  6. 6. Nurse Jamie Neck Décolleté Wrap
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    6. Nurse Jamie Neck Décolleté Wrap

    Forget to include your neck and chest in your skin care routine and you can be sure it will betray your true age. This silicone wrap keeps lines and creases under control by sealing moisture into your skin and creating an intensely hydrating environment. It helps refine neck and chest lines, smooths out crepey skin and firms sagging skin. For even better results, this reusable wrap (up to 20 times) can be used with your favorite mask or moisturizer.

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  7. 7. Lancer Skincare The Method: Body Polish
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    7. Lancer Skincare The Method: Body Polish

    As part of the famed Lancer Method, this body scrub is infused with salicylic acid and fine mineral crystals which deeply exfoliate skin and slough away dead skin cells and other surface impurities. It also features kigelia fruit extract, marula oil and zeolite to moisturize and plump up skin while wrapping it with a pleasant, warming sensation. It restores the skin’s pH balance and boosts collagen production, leaving you with a healthier and glowing complexion.

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  8. 8. Kayo Concentrated Firming Serum
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    8. Kayo Concentrated Firming Serum

    Serums are not just for the face anymore! Infused with powerful actives like caffeine, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid and coconut oil, this hydrating and body-firming serum delivers intense moisture to the skin while brightening and firming its appearance. Apply as a spot treatment on common problem areas (thighs, buttocks, arms and neck) and follow up with a moisturizing lotion or cream for best results.

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