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7 Easy Tricks That Will Solve Your Summer Hair Woes

7 Easy Tricks That Will Solve Your Summer Hair Woes
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Summer gives us an excuse to hit the beach, dine outside, and with any luck, take a trip or two. But our hair gets the short end of the stick, as frizziness, humidity and heat can ruin even the greatest of blowouts.

To help you have your most beautiful summer yet, we’ve found the best hacks to help you with your warm-weather hair woes.

1. Beat frizz with hair oils
We’ve all been there: You finally manage to tame your mane for the day, only to have it all go out the window at the first sign of humidity. To keep hair strong and frizz under control, spritz strands with some of or favorite formulas.
2. Avoid sun damage
We’re not just talking about that pretty little face of yours. Beauty experts agree that your hair needs SPF just as much as any other part of your body to prevent dryness and damage. If you don't feel like using a separate product, wrap your hair in a silk scarf to protect your locks from the sun.
3. Set your style
Sure, hairspray is great, but in soaring temps, the best thing you can do for your daily style is blast it with some cooler air. It’ll help cool down your strands and set your style for the day. It’s as simple as opening your freezer and standing with your back to it for a few minutes until your hair is slightly cooler. Go ahead, give it a try.


4. Get an easy moisture fix
Deep conditioners and hair masks are a godsend for weekly treatments on dry and damaged hair, but hydrated hair is also a daily need. A summer-ready leave-in conditioner is great for adding moisture and UV protection. Plus, it's perfect for throwing in your beach bag to protect strands from salt water and chlorine.
5. Befriend some dry shampoo
Among the thousands of reasons to fall in love with dry shampoo, perhaps the biggest is that it saves you from having to bust out the blow dryer on a steamy day. In the morning, concentrate on your part and hairline to freshen up your look, and go forth into the world rocking your second-day hair.
6. Master a heatless style
Who says you need hot tools to get the look you want? We've put together some of our favorite ways to embrace your texture or lock in beachy waves without adding heat (or sweat) to your hair routine.


7. But if you have to blow dry…
At least do yourself the favor of cutting down your drying time and heating up your home. Go for hair dryers and stylers designed to speed up drying time and revitalize your hair at the same time.
This post was originally written by Allison Berry for ClassPass, a monthly membership that connects you to more than 8,000 of the best fitness studios worldwide. 


Writer and expert
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